Todo Before Upgrading VTiger

If you’re planning to upgrade/migrate your VTiger CRM to a newer version and have the Extension Pack and extensions installed, make sure you did the proper treatment to the installed extensions before performing the upgrade. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Before starting the migration, make sure you disable (not uninstall, as it will cause you lose all the configurations and related data) all the installed VTE extensions in the “Module Manager“, as well as the “Extension Pack” placeholder.
  2. That’s it. Now you’re ready to perform the upgrade.
  3. After the migration, go to the “Module Manager” and enable the “Extension Pack” and then rest of the extensions.
  4. Now go to the Extension Pack and login. If the URL/domain/server was changed, it will ask you to move the account from the older registered URL to the new one. Here are the instructions on how to properly perform that:
  5. Once logged in, the extensions may or may not ask for the license key. If do, perform these steps:
  6. Lastly, perform these steps:

Now you’re good to use the extensions as before.