Signup for Extension Pack

To signup for the Premium Extension Pack for VTiger, there are 2 very easy methods. Considering you have already installed the Premium pack in VTiger, follow one of these procedures.


Via Extension Pack

1. Click on the Extension Pack button in VTiger CRM top bar and click “Go to Extension List

2. Press the blue “Login to Extension Pack” button at the top right

3. Create a new account or Login to your existing one

4. Once you do, the screen will be refreshed and “Subscription & Account Details” button will appear. Click on it

5. Then click “Manage Subscription

6. A secure form will open in a new window requiring the essential information for signing up

7. Fill in the form and press “Place my Order” to register

Via Direct Link

You can also signup for the Extension Pack directly by visiting this link:

Direct link for Extension pack subscription

In “Additional Information” block, fill in the fields “VTigerURL” and “VTE Store ID” as well. Then click “Place my Order” button to register.


Note: After subscription, if it still says “Trial”, go to ‘Subscription & Account Details’ and click the ‘Refresh’ button. The message will be updated. It can also be solved by logging out and logging in again. In some cases, the message updates itself in a while.