Tabs (Convert Block into Tab)

Extension designed to convert field blocks into Tabs. Easy to configure (just switch the block on/off), compatible with all modules as well as fields. Tabs will contain the same fields/functionality as blocks – it’s just a different way of presenting the information. It really helps to keep the record views more organized and easier to follow.



Tabs are configured in the same area as block – Field Editor. Navigate to Field Editor by going to

Menu > CRM Settings > Module Management > Module Layouts & Fields

Next, you will see a “Convert to Tab” switch. Use it to convert block into tab.

Note,  you can convert multiple blocks into ONE tab. Click on the wrench icon and follow instructions!

VTiger 7 Tabs - Field Editor


How Does It Work?

The blocks are simply converted into tabs. Few things to keep in mind:

Tab Order/Sequence: All tabs are displayed in the same sequence/order as blocks. Move blocks around to adjust the order/sequence

Tab Position: Tabs are displayed at the bottom of the view. At the moment, you can not change tab position (it will always be at the bottom).

VTiger 7 Tabs - Detailview