Custom Login Page

This is a VTiger extension replacing the existing VTiger Login Page with a custom design, modern login page. The Custom Login Page for VTiger is completely customizable, meaning that the system administrator can update the logo, sliding images, customize the text, footer & more! The ads and all VTiger references are also removed.

Ideally, it is used by companies looking to brand the CRM and give it a new & modern look.



Custom Login Page is configured by going to CRM Settings > Other Settings > Custom Login Page

Add: to create a new Custom Login page

Edit: to modify a current Custom Login setup from the list

Delete: to remove a previously configured Custom Login

List: the list of all the configured custom logins

Generate: to apply a custom login setup

Restore: to restore the standard VTiger login screen

Adding a Custom Login Page

To add a new Custom Login page, go to the Configuration and click “Add“:

Header: Company slogan or what you want to put as a welcome message

Description: a brief info about the company

Logo: the visual banner of your company

Copyrights: display the copyrights (if any)

Slider Images: Add the images you want to display on the login page (upto 3)

Note: Slider images can be further customized with “Type”, “Speed”, and “Easing” options.

Social: add social media links to your pages for all famous platforms

Save: press the Save button to save the configuration and show the preview.

Generating and Restoring the Login Page

Once you have created a login page, you’d need to “Generate” it to apply. To do that:

Select one of the configured Login page by clicking on the checkbox besides your login template.

Generate: press the ‘Generate’ button in the upper right section of the extension.

Press ‘Yes’ if all the information is correct. It will set the custom login screen.

Restore: to revert back to the standard VTiger Login page, simply click the “Restore” button besides “Generate”, and it will set the default VTiger login screen again.

Note: All information will be restored in the Login Page in the VTiger standards


Image Settings

In VTiger 7 version of the extension, there is also an extra option to configure the uploaded images for logo and slides. Click on the “Image Settings” button besides ‘Generate’ and ‘Restore’. To modify the images for logo and slide, you will find the following options:

Method: it allows you to either ‘Resize’ the uploaded image or ‘Crop’ to fit it to meet the extension’s requirement

Width: write in the image width (in numbers) you want to set

Height: write in the image height (in numbers) you want to set.