Quote/Invoice/Order Templates

VTiger Quote/Invoice/Order Templates is powerful yet simple tool that allows you to define products/services which can be reused on the quote/invoice/order at any time. If you often find yourself creating the same quotes/invoices/orders or adding the same set of items over and over again, this will be a huge time saver for you.

With merely a single click, you will be able to create a VTiger Quote/Invoice/Order Template, define the items and select the predefined template when creating a record.


Note: The extension works for Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders in VTiger CRM. We use “Quotes” module’s example in this guide. However, you can achieve the same results by using the method explained in the guide for all other modules (i.e. Invoices, Sales Order, and Purchase Order)



Settings of ‘Quote/ Invoice/Order Templates’ are configured on extension page.

+Add Template: create new quote, invoice, or order template

Quote Templates: the list of all the templates created by user

+Add Template

Under “Quote Details”

Template name: the title of your template

Assigned to: the group or department to which the task is delegated


Under “Item Details”

Item name: choose one of your product here

Quantity: the number of your chosen items

+Add Product: add more products to the template

+Add Services: add a service to the template

Quote Templates List

The list of all created quote templates. You can select a template from list and use or modify the items as per requirement.

How to Use a Quote/Invoice/Order Template?

Go to “Quotes”, then

+Add Quote: use this option to create a new Quote.

Fill in the required information.

Then select the suitable Quote Template from the drop-down menu in “Item Details” section.

The predefined Products and Services will be added to the Quote.

Save your Quote.