Premium Extension Pack Pricing Explained

Extensions are now subscription-only

We have decided to stop single VTiger extension sales and move to a subscription-only based pricing model. All extensions for VTiger 6.x and VTiger 7.x open source are now available for $69/mo. There are no signup or cancellation, per user fees (user count does not impact the price). We provide a free 14 day trial and we do NOT require credit card during the trial period.

Sign up process is very simple and takes only few minutes to get started. With our “Extension Pack” interface – you will be able to install VTiger plugins with a single click.

To sign up & installation instructions – please click here.


Why we made these changes

By subscribing, you receive a simplified customer experience, important extension updates, enjoy lower upfront cost, and have the ability to use all our extensions without any limitations. In addition, we are constantly releasing new plugins, which will be immediately available for you for no additional cost.

Having subscription based model allows us to provide unlimited Support for VTiger (included in the subscription) as well as focus our energy on coming up with new extensions such as integration with QuickBooks Online, Mailchimp, Payment automation & much more!


Frequently asked questions

1. Can I purchase single extension instead of signing up for membership?

NO, due to the reason explains above.

2. Does $69/month include all extensions?

YES, $69 a month is for all extensions in the pack (except integration add-ons).

3. Is the $69/Month per USER?

NO, the price is per VTiger setup/instance.

4. What happens if I cancel/stop my membership?

The extensions will become inactive. You will not lose any data/information, you simply will not be able to use functionality that extensions provide. You can resume the subscription at any time.

5. I have multiple VTiger customers hosted on my server, can I use same membership for all?

NO, you will need to sign up for the membership for individual clients/vtiger instances.

6. What if purchased extensions in the past? can I get credit?

YES, if you purchased extensions from us – you can get a credit for subscription up to 6 free months + your license purchased will never expire.

7. Is there a long term contract? 6-12 months?

NO, membership is month-to-month, meaning that you pay for a month in advance.

8. Are there any other fees? cancellation? setup? etc.. ?

NO, cancel any time, no setup fees.

Any questions? Please call or send us an email!