Round Robin

Round Robin Assignment Extension for VTiger was designed to automatically assign users to tickets, leads (or any other module). The assignment is driven based on the condition configured in the policy area. Round Robin Policy configuration consists of a trigger field e.g. “Ticket Status”, value (Unassigned Value) that will identify any unassigned tickets e.g. Status is “NEW” and value (Assigned Value) that will be used to update ticket when it’s assigned e.g. Status is “Open”.


In addition, it supports ONLINE and OFFLINE status for each user, meaning that users can control their availability (optional).



The extension is configured by going to the Main Menu > CRM Settings > Round Robin. The configuration panel consists of these sections:

+ New Round Robin Assignment: Configure a new Round Robin Assignment configuration in the system

List of Configured Round Robin Assignments: Shows all of the configured Round Robin Assignments

Search Bar: Search for a specific Round Robin setup


+ New Round Robin Assignment

This is the section where a new Round Robin policy is setup. Following settings are available to make it work as well as optimize it for your specific requirements:

Name: Assign a name to the new policy that is being setup

Module: Select a module for which the policy needs configured

Status Field: Select a field on the basis of which an unassigned record will be caught.

Unassigned Status Value: Select a value from the “Status Field” to identify unassigned records

Assigned Status Value: Soon as the record gets assigned to a user, the record status will be updated to this value.

Online Users Only: When ON, the policy will only apply to users that are ONLINE. Each user can change their status – the button (for each user) only shows up if there’s at least one policy with unassigned status value.

Assignment Type: Select the pattern in which you want the records to be assigned to users. There are couple of options available:

  1. i) Standard (1-2-3-1-2-3..): In this pattern, the records are assigned to each user in turn. If “Online Users Only” is enabled, the records will be assigned one by one to each online user. Each user gets equal amount of records assigned to him.
  2. ii) Based on Efficiency: This pattern assigns records to the users with best performance.

Assign Preferred User: This is only available for Tickets. Tickets can be assigned to preferred user of the organization. For example, if one of the policy members user is selected, and two others are online as well as the selected one, the preferred user will get the priority to whom the ticket will be assigned.

Members: Select the users that will be assign to records.

Status: Turn the current Round Robin assignment system ON/OFF.


List of Configured Round Robin Assignments

Once a new policy is configured, it shows up in the list of all configured Round Robin assignments list.

ON/OFF: You can switch on a policy right from the list.

Module: The module for which the Round Robin Assignment is.

Name: The Name of the policy to quickly know what is configured in it.

Status Field: The Status Field selected, as well as Assigned Status and Unassigned Status values are shown in here.

Online Users Only: See if the policy is enabled for only the online users or all.

Members: See the list of all the members of the assignment to whom records will be assigned during Round Robin

Actions: Edit or Delete actions right from the list.

The search bar allows to search the policies configured by modules. For example, if you search for “Leads”, all the policies for Leads module will be filtered.

How does Round Robin Work in VTiger

The Round Robin assignments of VTiger records can be configured for any modules, specially Leads, Tickets etc.

Here’s how it works: Let’s assume that you need tickets automatically assigned to your support users. First, select Tickets as your module. Next, status field has to be selected. It is used to identify any unassigned tickets. In our example, say we selected Status as “Ticket Status”, Unassigned Status Value as “Open” and Assigned Status value as “In-Progress”. This means, that if there’s a ticket with status “Open” – it will get picked up by the round robin and assigned to one of the members on the policy. In addition, that ticket status will be updated to “In-Progress”. Essentially, round robin finds all tickets with status “Open” (unassigned status) and assigns them to members + updates ticket status to “In-Progress” (assigned status).


In addition, a field “Round Robin Policy” to tickets. This field is not editable and only visible on detail view. It will identify what policy was used to assign the record.


NOTE: Records are assigned when the cronjob runs. You have to make sure cronjob is setup and enabled.