Field Autofill/Prefill

VTiger Field Autofill is an extensions designed to to eliminate repetitive data entry as well as assure date accuracy. It was designed to autofill/prefill primary record information e.g “Organization” to secondary record e.g “Contacts”, so if you were to create a new contact – the Office Phone, Website, etc… will be prefilled from the Organization into the Contact. The extension supports all modules & relations + has an interface to map each module.


Select the module

The list contains all the modules and relationships within. If you would select “Contacts > Tickets” – that would bring up the mapping selected relationship. The first module is always primary e.g Contact is primary and Tickets is secondary, meaning that information will be autofill from Contacts into Tickets module.

Note, if custom module/relationship does not exist in the dropdown – it is because the relationship was not added following vtiger standards.


Once the module/relationship is selected, you can now click “Add Mapping” and map the fields from primary to secondary module. In this example, we will map Contact Phone field into Ticket custom field “Contact Phone Number”. We find that people like to have contact phone on their finger tips as they work on the ticket.

Confirm before overwriting (Popup)?

This allows you to display a popup before overwriting the information. For example, if you were to start creating a ticket and select the contact from the list – it would give you a popup asking for permission to overwrite the mapped fields.

Note: Standard VTiger displays this popup when you are creating Invoices/Quotes/Orders and asks if you want to overwrite billing/shipping address – you can un-check this box to remove this popup for those modules as well. The information will still autofill, but the annoying popup will not show up.


In this case we are filling out Phone and Email from the Contact on the Ticket.

Note: Autofilled fields are editable and can be changed on the secondary module(Ticket). If the fields are changed on the secondary module – the changes will NOT update back to the primary module(Contact). If you need changes to populate back to Contact or automatically update Phone number on the ticket when Phone gets updated on the Contact – you then need to install “Related Record Updates(Workflow)” Extension.