Global Search

A VTiger Extension refines and optimizes the search feature of VTiger CRM. The extension has the ability to execute searches on all the possible fields. Currently, VTiger search only queries ‘name’ fields. However, our extension replaces standard search completely and enables the look up to be executed using all the standard and custom fields.

In addition, it includes the ability to specify which fields to search on and what should be the output/result fields. VTiger Global Search is compatible with VTiger standard & custom modules.



In the extension’s configuration section, there are 2 tabs:

1. Fields

2. Arrange Modules

Select the Module: dropdown list contains all the modules with available fields for global search

Include modules in global search: check the box to include the fields in your search results

Select fields to search: to include selected fields into the search. Add/remove the fields from the search as needed.

Note: Keeping less fields in the search will reduce the load on server.

Arrange Modules

In this section, you can arrange the modules how they will be displayed in the search result. Simply drag and drop a module up or down to reorder the list. The search result will display the modules exactly in the configured arrangement.