Dynamic Blocks

The VTiger extension ‘Dynamic Blocksserves the purpose of making things easier and faster for you. The extension gives you the control to Show or Hide blocks on any record view. It’s extremely helpful to separate out different types of records, such as “Corporate” and “Personal” Contacts, “New Install” or “Repair” Tickets. The blocks are shown or hidden based on the Picklist field that is configured in the settings area.

The extension has easy to understand & Flexible user Configuration Panel that offers the configuration of unlimited number of conditions & combinations.



The extension can be configured by going to CRM Settings > Other Settings > Dynamic Blocks

+Add Dynamic Block: to create new dynamic block

Dynamic Blocks list: all the configured Dynamic Blocks with respected “Modules”, “Source fields”, and “Values” are arranged in this list

Sorting Picklist: “All” is the default option but you can sort the Dynamic blocks being shown in the list according to Modules

Edit & Delete: Both options are available in the list for every Dynamic block created.

+Add Dynamic Block

Module: the module of choice to create the Dynamic block for

Source Field: set it to ‘Dynamic Block’

Value: the values available in this field depend upon the Module and Source field selected.

Select which blocks to hide or display: blocks selected as “Show” in this section will display in the Dynamic block. Blocks which are hidden will not be displayed and the blocks for which “Leave as is” option is selected will be displayed in default status (show, hide).


Go to create a record, say, a contact. You will see that only configured blocks will show. You can switch between those or add more blocks as per your requirements.