Schedule your meetings using VTiger Appointments

March 3, 2021
VTiger appointments
Meetings are an integral part of daily business interactions in the form of business meetings, job interviews, medical check-ups and even for a casual meet up. That is why an appointment scheduler is becoming a critical part of our business and personal life. Appointment scheduler helps organizations to be more productive, organized and punctual. On top of that it makes sure that you have good enough time to prepare for your upcoming appointments by alerting beforehand. Schedule Meetings using VTiger, as its appointment tools is one of the best meeting scheduler feature provided by any CRM system. Appointment scheduling is one of the most recursive task , that you sales and support agents have to face on daily basis and sometimes create a-lot of hassle for the staff members. A sales agent have to schedule a meeting with a promising lead,  so he checks at what time he is available and

Picklists & Text Fields Explained In Advanced Comments Extension For VTiger 7

March 2, 2019
vtiger advanced comments summary view
Advanced Comments for VTiger by VTExperts is an extension that modifies the standard feature of Comments in VTiger to manifolds. VTExperts’ Advanced Comments extension for VTiger changes standard VTiger comments and adds several new features. Those enhancements completely change the way to comment in VTiger. It adds several modern enhancements to existing comments functionality. In addition to two picklist fields that you can create for comments (used for categorization), several distinguish features have been added to the extension so far. Rich text formatting, reply via email to a comment, making comments internal by default are just some of those. It allows to tag users using @mention feature in comments. The tagged users receive notifications via email. The extension also comes with the ability to add two picklists and one text field. Let’s see how does these fields work: Picklist Fields There are two picklists available in the settings of Advanced

Group & Sort Related Records By Fields In VTExperts Document Designer For VTiger

February 7, 2019
document designer vtiger vtexperts group related records by fields outcome
Document Designer PDF maker and Electronic Signature for VTiger has this feature to add a table from related modules. The purpose to add a related module table is to show related records to this specific record. There are options like which fields to show, filter the records, theme, and size it properly. Group Related Records By Fields We have added another option to group related records by given fields. If you go to a document in Document Designer > Data Objects > add a Related Module table, you will see the “Group by” field. This is a multi-select field, so you can add as many fields as required in order to group the related records by those fields. This is how the outcome will look like depending upon the selected fields: There’s another option in the same settings block, which is “Sort Field”. This is a picklist, so you can

Create Copies/Revisions Of Quotes, Invoices And Other Records In VTiger 7

January 31, 2019
We often find ourselves versus this requirement by our customers; “Is it possible to make several copies of an invoice?”. And we got tired of answering “No” and came up with a solution. Revisions/Copies of VTiger Records VTExperts’ development team created this customization for VTiger 7 and VTiger 6, that allows to create revisions of any record WITHOUT disturbing the actual record numbering. Most of our customers asked for revising Quotes and Invoices – so we will make those the focused modules for the writing sake. What Does it Do? With this customization implemented, VTiger users can create as many copies of any standard or custom module’s records as needed. For example, if you clone/duplicate an invoice or a quote, it will only create a revision and not disturb the ongoing numbering for quotes, invoices etc. How Does it Do? Here’s how we designed it. Note that this is not

Enhanced Duplicate Finder In VTiger 7

January 30, 2019
There’s a very basic feature in VTiger 7 to help locate and merge duplicate records. It allows to search in a module for specific fields. Say, you want to find all the duplicate records on the basis of Primary Email, you can do that. This can be done by: Clicking “More” button in any module’s list view Click “Find Duplicates” Simply select fields in “Match Fields” field. It will search duplicates depending upon the selected fields and show all records. In our example, if you select “Primary Email” field in “Match Fields”, it will give all the records from current module with duplicate emails. This is the available functionality for standard duplicate finder. Enhanced Duplicate Finder We customized this feature and took it several steps further. This is how we customized it for one of our client: Advanced Duplicate Check and Merge extension for VTiger Exact Match Fields: These are

Calculate Profit In VTiger

January 21, 2019
calculate gross profit in vtiger
In standard VTiger 7 and VTiger 6, there are no tools to calculate profits on individual Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders. Calculating a profit can be as simple as deducting cost from total of each product as well as whole invoice or may go complex if added taxes, adjustments, shipments, additional services etc. Anyways, this is a big issue for every level organization.   Using Item Details Customizer Advanced for VTiger 7, or Profit Calculator for VTiger 6, you can calculate profits per sale, product, day, and more. This is done by utilizing the “Cost” field on products and services in VTiger. You can adjust costs, apply discounts, and calculate potential profit. The profit is stored in VTiger field and therefore reportable. Calculate Profit Let’s see how can we configure Profit Calculation in VTiger 7 using Item Details Customizer Advanced. Open Menu > Settings > CRM Settings >

Google Maps in VTiger: Service now loads only when it is called

January 18, 2019
Our extension, Google Maps & Route Integration, helps VTiger users to reach the leads/ clients more efficiently by showing them as colored pins on the Google Maps. It enables users to choose the Map Center which can be anything from Company Address to User or Zip code. It can draw routes automatically or manually and according to four different types I.e Walk, cycling, Transit and Drive. These can also be printed as ‘directions’ using smart devices. This extension allows users to schedule their route as well as print it in the form of a map. This feature is very much identical to Google Maps. It also supports multiple addresses when used with Google Address Lookup extension. New Feature We have tweaked it a little bit so that the service now loads only when it is called. This keeps the system robust and efficient. You can go to any module for which this extension is enabled. On the Top left, there is “More’ button. The Google Maps will

Remove Quick Create For Individual Standard & Custom Modules In VTiger

January 16, 2019
remove quick create for standard and custom modules
Currently, in VTiger, when you open any module and try to add a related module, it opens a quick create popup, instead of going to the full form. Some of the companies/users do not prefer that outcome and want to move to full form straight. We’ve been asked this question several times and therefore tried to give a quick solution as follow:   Question: How to remove Quick Create feature for any module? The aim is to remove a specific module from the Quick Create list as well as when adding as a new related record to another module. Answer:  Go to add this: modules/YOUR_MODULE/models/Module.php   Question: How to remove Quick Create feature for a CUSTOM module? The aim is to remove a specific custom module from the Quick Create list as well as when adding as a new related record to another module. Answer: Add following function to your custom_module/Models/Module.php Questions?

Recently Modified & Recently Viewed Widget For VTiger 7 (like VTiger 6)

January 15, 2019
recently viewed recently modified in vtiger 7
In VTiger 6, there was this useful widget to see recently modified records in VTiger. It appeared once you open a module > record. The list was capable to display 10 recent most edited records max. That means, if you modified a record, moved several records ahead and suddenly realized you needed to update another thing in the first record – you can easily get to it from that widget. This widget was useful, but cut off in the VTiger 7 upgrade. Moreover, there was no alternate provided. That’s why we built this customization that does exactly the same and more. We created two widgets as VTiger 6’s functionality: Recently Modified: This widget shows the recently modified records from the same module. Recently Viewed: This widget displays the recently viewed records. This is a bit more complicated to implement and new feature. VTiger 6 only had the option to view

Round Robin Assignment Extension For VTiger by VTExperts – New Release

January 10, 2019
vtexperts round robin extension for vtiger
There are two ways in VTiger to assign users to Tickets, Leads, Opportunities etc. One would be to assign a user manually to a record. The other is to automated the assigning of records on the basis of conditions configured in the settings area. The second method is possible using our new extension Round Robin Assignment for VTiger. Round Robin Assignment The VTExperts Round Robin Extension automatically assign users to tickets, leads (or any other module). Round Robin Policy configuration consists of a trigger field e.g. “Ticket Status”, value (Unassigned Value) that will identify any unassigned tickets e.g Status is “NEW” and value (Assigned Value) that will be used to update ticket when it’s assigned e.g Status is “Open”. You can set the automation to run for only online users or do not distinguish at all. The configuration panel lets you setup the conditions. You can select module, status field

Filter Records By Status In Email Marketing Campaign Extension For VTiger

January 3, 2019
filter users in email marketing campaign extension for vtiger by email status
You would know about a lot of email marketing tools that can run marketing campaigns, and include professional email builders. Some advanced tools are MailChimp, Hubspot, GetResponse etc. that most of VTiger users idealize for their use. They often look for MailChimp integration with VTiger for marketing and campaigns. But the integration comes costly. VTExperts Email Marketing Campaign Extension For VTiger We came up with our own Email Marketing extension for VTiger which does not require any integration. The extension is capable of running professional and attractive campaigns. It offers step by step wizard to design campaigns. The extension allows sending emails from Multiple Outgoing Servers. It also includes the #1 open source email designer Mosaico. The extension has quite a lot of features – you can study them in detail on the extension page. I’m writing this article to explain a rather prominent attribute i.e. sorting the contacts/leads/organizations by

Smart Preview & Character Limit In Advanced Comments For VTiger

January 2, 2019
vtiger advanced comment smart preview
Advanced Comments extension for VTiger converts regular VTiger comments to featured comments. It adds several vivid enhancements to existing comments functionality. In addition to two picklist fields that you can create for comments (used for categorization), several distinguish features have been added to the extension so far. Rich text formatting, reply via email to a comment, making comments internal by default are just some of those. The extension also supports tagging users in comments using standard @mention. The tagged user gets a notification via email about the comment.

Customizable Buttons for Vtiger

December 31, 2018
Custom Buttons Extension for VTiger improves efficiency when updating records. Buttons can be configured to show modal popup with selected fields. For example, you can add a button to “Update Address” which will only show address fields when clicked. This is very primitive example; however, it can be used for so much more. You can read more about the extension’s features and the see the implementation (recommended to understand new functionality). One-Click Update (New Feature) The extension, now, is capable of updating a picklist field with a single click. For example, in your sales system, if the inevitable outcomes for Opportunities are limited i.e. “Closed Won, Lost” etc., you can do that with a single click. This can be done in addition to the standard functionality.   The new settings added are “Silent Field Update”. The first picklist in “Silent Field Update” shows all the picklists from the select module.

Knowledge Base Extension For VTiger – New Release

December 25, 2018
knowledge base extension for VTiger
Companies move their infrastructure around particular tools, whatever they find feasible. Some prefer accounting software, others go for ERP, while some standardize CRM. Whichever the tool of choice is, they tend to revolve everything around it. Knowledge Base – New Release If your tool of choice is CRM > VTiger, we have released this extension with the name “Knowledge Base”. Knowledge Base for VTiger helps in managing internal documentation, user guides, instructions, quick information, ongoing campaigns, or any kind of documents meant for internal use. It also supports creating as many categories as required using standard Picklist in FAQs. This profound idea is not restricted here; the extension works as an overlay popup. That means accessing the Knowledge Base does not close the page you were on before clicking it. You can read all that you want – closing the Knowledge base overlay will bring you back to exactly where

New UI Summary Widgets For VTiger

December 19, 2018
vtiger summary widgets new UI
Summary Widgets – as the name suggests, enables to manage i.e. add or remove any widgets from any module’s summary view. For adding a new widget, you can add new widgets from any related module. On the added widget, you can add new record, select from existing, click on the related records to edit individual fields as well as record. Editing a record is managed in the intuitive Quick Edit popup (similar to Quick Create in VTiger). Administrators can configure the widgets to show the defined information on the widget. It also allows to sort the shown information as well as limit the number of entries. It also allows to add a custom comments widget. Its more helpful as it has custom features like show/hide comments etc. Removing a widget includes hiding any standard available widgets on any module. For example, comments, activity, documents, related modules etc. You can read

Send Emails Directly From Custom Modules in VTiger

December 18, 2018
Custom Module & Relationship builder for VTiger is a very handy extension that enables the CRM admins to create new Custom Modules in the blink of an eye. These custom modules are made following VTiger standards strictly. In addition, the relationship builder allows CRM admins to link together existing modules as well as new custom modules. It supports 1:1, 1:M and M:M relationships. All the modules made by this extension includes Activity, Documents & Comments widgets and Modified By, Created By fields.   New Feature  We have added a new feature in this extension to make it a more powerful tool. Users can now send emails from a newly created custom module. You can see the ‘Send Email’ button in the top right corner of the record of the custom modules. Clicking this button will open an email composer. You can choose to send emails to any of the record from any of the modules as well as map data from

Tag Users In Comments Using @mention In VTiger

December 18, 2018
vtiger advanced comments mention tag people in comments
Advanced Comments extension for VTiger converts regular VTiger comments to featured comments. It adds several vivid enhancements to existing comments functionality. In addition to two picklist fields that you can create for comments (used for categorization), several distinguish features have been added to the extension so far. Rich text formatting, reply via email to a comment, making comments internal by default are just some of those. It comes with configuration area to enable one or both picklist fields, set the labels as well as configure picklist values for each field. New Feature Tag/@mention We’ve developed another frequently requested feature, what we call “@mention” or “Tag”. As the names suggest, the new functionality enables VTiger users to comment on a record and tag another user using @ in the comment box. Once a user presses @ and starts typing, the users matching those alphabets show up as a list. This allows

Custom Expenses Extension For VTiger – New Release

December 17, 2018
custom expenses for vtiger
On daily basis, companies run into situations, where they expend resources to provide services/products to their customers. Those expenses might come in any form i.e. travel expenses, spare parts purchases, outsourcing payments etc. There’s simply no specific category – such expenses can come in any form and service. Custom Expenses For VTiger We’ve come up with a new extension for VTiger which covers the above mentioned gap. Custom Expenses for VTiger helps to track and automate user expenses for every customer. Once an item is created, you can convert it to expense – there’s no limitation for that. Going ahead, you can add those expenses into invoices with proper details and get compensated properly, while keeping it all crystal clear. Use Cases A good example would be TA/DA for your staff. When funding the company’s representatives for a specific project while they travel, you can track and convert the expenses

In-line Edits For Summary Widgets For VTiger

December 14, 2018
vtiger summary widgets inline edit
Summary Widgets Summary Widgets is a UI enhancing (no standard code modifications) extension that allows to add a widget in summary view of any modules. The widget can be selected from any related module and show information filtered on the basis of the configuration. It specifies things like name of the widget, columns/fields to display, limit records (if needed) & enable or disable ability to create new records from within the widget. New Feature – Summary Widgets Inline Edits As Summary Widgets is all about feasibility and response time, the extension now supports inline edits. This means that the summary you see of related modules in the widget – every field of each record is editable with just a single click. Try clicking on any field of any record in the widget, and you will see the accessibility. It gives the options to Save or Cancel any changes. So, once

Generate Groups via Scheduler in Multi-User Assignment Team Extension For VTiger

December 8, 2018
vtiger multi user assignment team module cron scheduler
VTiger open source only supports a single assigned to field. That means, one record can only have one assigned to field by default. If you want to add multiple users to a single project, or give access for some user in order to reveal a specific record and have his input on the matter, it’s hard. The admin will go to groups, find the users who need to have access to this specific record. Then create a new group. Further, he will have to open the record, change the assigned to, to the new group. It does not sound like a job of admins to move around like that, especially when there are convenient ways to do so. Multi-User Assignment or Team Extension This gap is covered by the extension Multi-user assignment, frequently known as “Team” module. The Multi-user assignment extension for VTiger settles down the matter of who should

Advanced Custom Fields for VTiger Supports PDF and Image Uploads

December 7, 2018
upload field for vtiger to upload images and pdf
Advanced Custom Fields The Advanced Custom Field Extension was designed for system admins to simply add Advanced Custom Fields to selected modules, where needed, other than standard fields. The Advanced Custom Fields are of 3 types – HTML Description Field (which supports RTF), Assigned to Field (which is really a user picklist) and Upload Field (which allows PDF documents and Image Uploads). When it comes to the number of Advanced Custom fields added, there is no limit. It supports Edit/ Create/ Detail View.  Supports all the Standard and Custom VTiger Modules as well. Upload Field for PDFs and Images Now, the feature that we are discussing here is the Upload Field. An upload custom field allows to add an image as well as PDFs to any record of any module. You can add as many custom upload fields as required – there’s no limitation for it. Use Case For instance, take an example of Quotes Module. Users can upload an image of the Product

Kanban View Icon Moved To Lists In VTiger

December 3, 2018
Kanban View in VTiger Most of the systems have Kanban view to visualize sales and support performance and workflows. In VTiger open source, we cover this void. Kanban view is an extension for VTiger open source that allows to quickly create dynamic cards and exhibit the team’s performances as well as to collaborate with teams and manage sales, opportunities, tickets, projects, project tasks, or any other list of records. The extension also supports drag & drop feature to quickly move cards among columns that are configurable field values. This updates the field values/status/stages of the records (cards). How to Access Kanban View in VTiger (New) We are hereby to announce a UI change, where we moved the Kanban view button from top and added it to the lists in every module. This looks like a slight change, but that actually saves Kanban resource from being triggered every time the listview

Knowledge Base Extension

December 3, 2018
Knowledge Base This extension was designed to allow users to access internal documentation more easily. Very easy to use navigation/interface accessible from any page in VTiger. In addition, you can open and close it while editing/creating records. It does not loads a new page and keeps you on the current page. It basically opens a popup/overlay, meaning that you can open and close it while editing/creating records. In knowledge base you can put any of your internal documentations/FAQ’s. It has instant + smart search, where the results will be displayed as you type. We added custom search logic to find only relevant articles. It will give you all the articles that have subject or description that contains the searched query. The plugin itself is fully customizable. You can create your own category, set limits on articles, configure custom permissions and much more. In this article we will go over a simple

Convert Quote/Invoice/Order To Project Extension For VTiger – New Release

November 30, 2018
Quotes, Invoices, Sale Orders, and Purchase Orders are extensively used modules in VTiger. Every company deploys them according to their own requirements as well as the laws of their area/country. But most of companies create Projects on the basis of the payments, processed by these modules. Why shouldn’t we directly convert a quote, invoice, sales order, or purchase order to a project? This would save lot of time, manual effort, as well as decrease the probability of error in the process.   A new extension is available – Convert Quote/Invoice/Sales Order/Purchase Order to Project to do the job. It enables to convert one of those records and directly create a project out of them. Once installed and configured, the extension adds a button to the Quote/Invoice/Sales Order/Purchase Order. Open a record, click the button, and map the information to new project with just few clicks.   All of the info