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The Aspiring “Module Builder” Feature of VTiger 7

March 20, 2016
Every business has different set of demands according to the nature of the business; one cannot think that the requirements of two businesses are 100% identical. So the Vtiger 7 CRM brings you a feature using which you can create a basic module depending on the requirement of your businesses and the nature of your dealings. Not only you can create a custom module but also you can design and add custom blocks and fields to your module. You can also develop a relationship of one custom module with the others. Note: Module builder can be availed in Sales Professional, Support Professional, and Ultimate Edition. Sales and Support Professional editions allow building 10 each, while Ultimate edition lets you create 25 extra modules. Sales Starter edition is required to be upgraded to utilize Module builder. Note: Only Administrators can create and avail custom modules. More about Modules and Relationships can be found in

Vital Role of “Roles” In a Company’s Success

March 17, 2016
“Roles” play a significant role in determining the duties in real life business setups. Similar is the case of Vtiger 7. Like real life business situations, you can also design and assign roles to your workers according to your real life business hierarchy. It is one of the strongest features of the new CRM. Building a Role in Vtiger 7 Commonly used roles are built in the CRM by default; it contains the roles of CEO, Sales manager etc. It also provides you with the ability to assign identical roles. The role of a worker will determine what level of authority he or she possesses in the overall hierarchy of the business. Adding custom roles is easy: First of all click App Switch Icon located on top left corner Then select Settings And go into the User Management You’ll see the Roles Clicking on it will open an extensive list of positions. A “+”

Vtiger 7 And Office 365 Collaborate To Manage Your Calendars, Emails, And Contacts

March 17, 2016
It is a common practice among the sales reps, i.e. using office 365 for managing their schedules, exchange emails with the clients and they access new contact using it. This is because of the fact that Office 365 helps in boosting their productivity and it has a friendly user interface. But the drawback is that the other sales reps cannot see which contacts are already attended by their peers, sales manager has very less visibility of sales rep calendars and last but not least sales reps do not have the track of customer’s history. These problems have been studied and overcome by the latest version of  Vtiger, who also provides the functionality of synchronizing the Office 365 with itself, so you do not have to cope with the problems mentioned above. Distribution Of New Events Among The Whole Team Sales reps use office 365 to manage their contact network. This

Vtiger 7 and Zapier Together Are The Ideal Way For Sending Data To The Most Frequently Used Applications

March 15, 2016
Most, if not all, of the Vtiger 7 users employ several apps to multiply the efficiency. Like for accounting purposes, people use Xero. While on the other hand, sales personals will be using Join.me for communication. Sometime operation performed by one app is the prerequisite for the task which will be completed by another app. To aid you in every department, Vtiger7 also provides a feature by which it can be inter-linked with Zapier. This integration allows Vtiger 7 to connect with more than 400 apps of the other party. An example of this attribute is that whenever a person comment on facebook, an automatic lead is generated for each and every business card that is scanned by your sales force. Now we will take a hypothetical business of event management of mediocre size, and use apply this functionality. Hayway is an event management company and made good profits during

“Profile” Is An Effective Way To Enhance Database Security

March 14, 2016
For obvious reasons, you cannot afford a single user wandering around into the whole database. While users messing around with the records is enough tension, restricting every single one of them to his/her own section is another task. Vtiger 7 provides a simple yet efficient solution for the matter. It helps in limiting the users from accessing the certain modules, fields and features, by creating and assigning profiles. It also aids in limiting the users’ actions regarding the CRM records. Setting up a Profile      1. To create a new profile, click on the App switch icon on the top left and select Settings.      2. There is an “User Management” button.      3. Clicking on the User Management button will show you Profiles icon.      4. Click Add Profile button on the top right corner.      5. The next window will let you assign

Three Effective Tools Vtiger7 Provide To Automate The Process Of CRM Data Entry

March 11, 2016
One of the most common ironies of current era is that too many resources are wasted by companies on easy tasks as data entry. In some scenarios, it is observed that the most valuable resources of the companies with huge potential of progress are just lavished away in the process of entering data into spreadsheets and other databases. If the same energetic talent is invested in some other productive activities rather than entering data manually in the spreadsheets, then obviously better results can be achieved. Further addition to the misery, the manual data entering mode is observed to cause different types of typo and missed data point. These errors are leading to the generation of faulty reports, thus causing damage to the efficiency and credibility of the database. Here comes Vtiger7 to save you from the hustle of entering data manually. It automatically updates the records whenever you receive data

Organize Data In VTiger By Fashioning Filters Of Your Choice

March 10, 2016
When working on a project, you may get overloaded by tons of data. Data handling is being enhanced day by day using hundreds of techniques depending on the quality of output. While working with a CRM, filters play a vital role in keeping track of your records. Vtiger 7, yet again, takes another step in reforming the modern techniques by introducing “Custom Filter” tool. It’s simple that using filters, locating the desired record gets easier. It also let you take bulk actions on the selected data. Utilizing Vtiger 7, Custom Filters can be designed according to your own requirements, and type of record. Getting started by developing a Custom Filter of your choice The following protocol works for every module. Let’s say we are in “Opportunities” module. Mirror these simple steps: 1. Press the Opportunities Tab 2. There will be a drop-down menu with Opportunities title 3. Click on the

Latest Hallmark Of Vtiger7 Helps In Keeping Track Of Your Customers’ Issues Using Advance Configurable Alert System

March 9, 2016
Your sales and support force are humans at the end of the day. They can only focus on the highlighted issues, but that does not mean catering the normal customers is of no significance. To run a successful business, human resource force should posses the ability to keep the track of every major happening, occurring around the business they are operating or the things in which they are taking part. It is a tough task and requires many human and capital resources. Vtiger7 allows a cost effective yet easy to use solution to this complication. The feature of smart alerts of Vtiger7 provides your human force (sales reps and support team) real time notification of every major happening in which they are involved. The different ways in which you can use Vtiger7 efficiently are as follow: Get notifications about an idle record which you have to follow Timely follow-ups are

Ramp Up Customer Satisfaction With Vtiger’s SLAs! Here’s How It Works!

March 8, 2016
Your customer service team acts as the first line of defense when your customer yens for your attention. What experience your customer gets from your customer service team can build an immense amount of value by motivating repeat business, customer consistency, and encouraging referrals. But a poor experience can motivate customer to discontinue its operations and to discourage their network from conducting business with you. From a quick and professional response to frequent interactions, there are a lot of factors that contribute to giving your customer a great experience. However, there’s no rule for setting reasonable time for resolving customer case as it varies from business to business, type of issue and other variables. To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, a business should first identify the relevant case and required time to resolve that case. There’s an agreement that defines case response and resolution time, and that’s called

How Vtiger7 Let You Appraise Your Customers Using Multi-channel Support

March 7, 2016
In the current modern era, customers are empowered because they can use different modes of communication like email, instant messaging, video conferencing etc. When one mode of communication fails to yield the desired result the customers switch to another one. As the result, only 25% of the customers stick to their first mode of communication. When one technique to commune fails its purpose, it results in the loss of customers, as they switch to different vendors who are offering same products with better help centre. Vtiger7 CRM provides another hallmark to serve optimal solutions for the cross channel communication of the customers. The customers can start the process of liaison through one channel and can continue the same conversations using some other media. The whole process to overcome customers’ cross-channel communication using Vtiger7 is simple yet very effective. It consists of three steps which are as follow: Connect to the

How Vtiger + Accounting System Integration Makes Information Exchange Seamless!

March 6, 2016
An uninterrupted flow of information between the sales, support and accounting department, enriches the customer experience. Vtiger makes the exchange of information easier and error-free by letting the user to automatically mirror data between the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and accounting software. It ensures that the sales, support and accounting team access the accurate data from the same page. Vtiger 7 integrates with commonly used accounting software like Xero, Tally and Quickbooks. If you are using any other accounting software, use Zapier to connect to it. Read on to know some major benefits of integrating your accounting software with Vtiger 7. Faster, error-free and without double-entry invoice creation After a deal is done by the sales department, billing information like customer name, billing address, shipping address and product/services purchased, is forwarded to the accounting department to generate an invoice. This billing information is gathered by the sales department and then

Vtiger 7’s Yet Another Hallmark Let You Work In Groups

March 4, 2016
The characteristic that describes the group is the fact it is composed of individuals and groups within the organization. Teams are being built on the structure of a group to which possess a common record. The Vtiger 7 allows you to manage individuals in the form of groups and tasks allotted to them. Benefits of using Vtiger 7’s Groups functionality To improve the efficiency of a group, Vtiger 7 is an effective tool. Its key feature allows to assign a record. Using the tool, you can assign a record to any individual or a group. After the successful assignation the record is available to all of the members of that group and they can perform key tasks on the record. This helps people to work in the form of teams and improve productivity. If an individual from a group is unable to show up to the job, then there is

Picklist Dependency Setup Has Enhanced The Contemporaneity Of Vtiger

March 2, 2016
Picklist Dependency is a feature that helps in specifying the details of the product being selected. The outcome is accurate, discrete, and authentic, as the particular values are assigned via carefully designed table. The target field depends upon source field, which depends on module. Select a Module, pick its source, define target, and that’s it. It’s easier done than said. A Whole Package In One Box If there is still a hint of confusion left, this guide can get it going. Let’s say there are two products. Choose any one as your Module. Upon selection, manufacturers for that particular product will be accessible in the “Source Field” drop down menu. Go for your desired option, and the list of Usage Units specified for the selected manufacturer will be displayed in the “Target Field”. Develop Your Own Picklist Dependency In Few Steps There will be needed a module, a source field,

VTiger 7 New Main Menu (New Release)

March 1, 2016
VTiger 7 Menu
The users of Vtiger recently experienced the new main menu that is designed with an aim to make it more user-friendly. The new layout makes it very simple for the user to understand it and navigate through. This latest menu gets advantage over the previous left-sided menu, launched with Vtiger 7, in all the following ways: It’s easier and faster to access the main menu. Now user can access the main menu from almost middle of the screen instead of the upper-left corner. This is the position where you can take the cursor easily. It’s faster because it reduces the total distance covered to get that spot. There are no more nested menus to browse modules. The user is enabled to browse to any module from the main menu in a single motion. For this, the main menu has been split into two main portions: the left and the right.

2016 Roadmap for Vtiger! (Vtiger 7, Marketplace & New Layout)

January 11, 2016
Vtiger is becoming one of the leading CRM ins the open source industry. In the last few years Vtiger improved greatly by releasing version 6.x, introducing marketplace, which already has over 100 Vtiger extensions & plugins. In addition, code.vtiger.com was introduced to allow developers to contribute to open source project and merge changes/updates to the core vtiger files. The year 2016 will be even greater! Vtiger has published unofficial roadmap in the developers community. Release of Vtiger 6.5 by the end of Q1 Bug fixes Greatly improved marketplace New features (we don’t have a list of new features yet). Release of Vtiger 7 by the end of Q4 of 2016/Q1 of 2017 New & responsible Layout New features/functionality (we don’t have a list yet, but we are assuming a lot of new features will be introduced with the new layout) Possible compatibility with PHP7

vTiger 6.4 Arrives with Support for new Layouts & 40 Bug Fixes

October 16, 2015
vTiger 6.4 GA Is now Available!   vTiger is happy to announce GA release of Vtiger CRM 6.4.0. In this version, we addressed a key security vulnerability and 40 issues reported on trac. We would also like to extend special thanks to Benjamin Daniel Mussler for notifying us about SQL Injection and XSS Vulnerability issue. Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback!   vTiger is more Stable & Secure!   vTiger 6.4 release includes 40 reported bug fixes as well as a critical SQL Injection & XSS Vulnerability issue. Some of the fixes included are: Errors in Currencies List Invoice workflows (task triggered even if the condition is not met) Scheduled Workflow (“is empty” – did not work) Email Related List Issue (Email columns would not display correct data) Lead Mapping Issues (uitype10 conversion/mapping) Filters (greater/less than bug) Missing Labels (in en_us/vtiger.php) And many more! The complete list of fixes

vTiger 6.3 Official Release + Demo

June 4, 2015
vTiger 6.3 has just been released and is available to download on vTiger’s official website. We are really excited about the release, as it includes close to 100 bug fixes as well as the stability improvements and major security updates(XSS vulnerability). vTiger 6.3 Highlights: RelatedList API added to Vtiger Web Services. Fixes for 96 issues reported on trac.vtiger.com, including some long standing issues from vTiger 5.4.0. XSS vulnerability fix vTiger 6.3 Demo: URL: http://demo.vtexperts.com/vtigercrm630/index.php Username: demo Password: demo The vTiger demo database is refreshed every 30 minutes. vTiger 6.3 Download is available at https://www.vtiger.com/open-source-downloads/. If you encounter any problems while using vTiger 6.3.0  feel free to contact VTExperts or use the publicly available discussion forums. If your are looking to upgrade to vTiger 6.3 – Please contact us. How to get a hold of us? Email: Support@VTExperts.com Phone: 1 (818) 495-5557 Contact Form: Contact VTExperts Support Chat: Gmail/Skype/Chat via website  

Predefined vTiger Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders

May 11, 2015
With vTiger CRM, you have the ability to do more with your data. vTiger allows your business to automate processes and generate quotes and invoices with amazing efficiency. In order to take full advantage of vTiger’s capabilities, you need to be able to use predefined quotes, invoices, and sales orders.   Save Time and Money with Predefined vTiger Quotes, Invoices, and Sales Orders   If you’re still creating quotes, invoices, and sales orders individually for every request and transaction, then your business is wasting a lot of time. Instead, you need to start using predefined sales documents to speed up these processes and improve your customer interactions. Predefined vTiger documents are the most efficient way to respond to your customers. You have the ability to create templates that you can quickly select to speed up your interactions. Your customers will be impressed with your speed, presentation, and accuracy. Your sales

vTiger Monthly Support Plans

May 9, 2015
In order to run a successful business, everything has to perform as planned. You don’t have time to worry about whether or not your CRM software is working correctly. Your business uses vTiger CRM so you can have full control over the collection and organization of your data. In order to make sure vTiger is meeting your needs month after month, it’s wise to invest in a monthly support plan.   vTiger Monthly Support Plans Help You Stay On Top There are many things that can go wrong with your CRM, and unless you have an expert on your team, this can cost you thousands of dollars and lots of time. With a vTiger monthly support plan, you don’t have to expend your valuable resources trying to troubleshoot these problems. A vTiger monthly support plan offers a host of benefits to help your business stay on top. You will get

Customizing vTiger CRM for Your Business

April 30, 2015
Every business can benefit from having the right customer relationship management software. Unfortunately, many businesses settle for a standard installation that doesn’t really fit their needs. This results in data management that doesn’t always work. vTiger CRM customization helps make your business more efficient so you can grow your sales without wasting time.   vTiger CRM Customizations Improve Efficiency   Although vTiger CRM is a powerful platform, it doesn’t do everything you want out of the box. Since your business is unique, you need custom solutions that work for you. With a few customizations, you can improve all your processes and get closer to your goals. Just about everything within vTiger is fully customizable, from the look and feel to the most advanced functions. You can customize account settings, fields, automation, data organization, and much more. Whether you want to add new fields, configure outgoing emails, organize your data and

Release the Full Power of vTiger CRM with Custom vTiger Extensions

April 28, 2015
If you want to get the most out of your business, you need the best in customer relationship management. The vTiger CRM suite is one of the most powerful ways to keep track of all your leads, sales, and customers. However, it doesn’t always meet your business’s needs right out of the box. In order to get the full power of vTiger CRM, you need to have the right vTiger extensions.   vTiger Extensions Help You Do More Every business has unique goals and different ways of operating. That’s why a standard vTiger installation often won’t give you everything you need. With custom vTiger extensions, you can turn your CRM into an individualized platform that will improve your efficiency and grow your sales. There are a wide variety of vTiger extensions available to help bring your CRM up to speed. vTiger extensions allow your business to integrate other programs into

vTiger Product & Service Lookup

April 24, 2015
When it comes to quotes and orders, your business can’t afford to make any mistakes. You also can’t afford to waste any time. You’re already using vTiger CRM because of the power it gives you to organize all of your leads and sales. In most cases, a standard implementation of vTiger just isn’t enough to get the job done. Even the slightest mistake in an order or quote can cost your business a ton of money. Creating accurate quotes takes up a lot of time and energy. Fortunately, vTiger Product & Service Lookup can improve the process and help you get the most out of your CRM.   Improve Accuracy with vTiger Product & Service Lookup vTiger Product & Service Lookup is designed so you can create more accurate quotes, invoices, and purchase orders in less time. This powerful extension lets you find products and services easily without navigating elsewhere or

vTiger Document Preview

April 22, 2015
Today’s business world moves at the speed of light. If you want to get the most out of your company, you need to be able to keep up with the pace. That’s why you use vTiger CRM in the first place. However, if you are still handling your documents the old-fashioned way, then you are wasting valuable business time that could cost you money and customers. The ability to preview your documents before sending them to your customers or team members is vital to the efficiency of your business. If you don’t take the time to look over your documents and check for mistakes, you could end up losing your sales. In a standard vTiger installation, you need to download or open each document outside of the system in order to look over it. This takes a lot of extra time and wastes precious company resources. It’s time you start

Improve Your Data with vTiger Google Address Lookup

April 20, 2015
Having accurate data is essential for maximizing your business potential. If your vTiger CRM data is filled with errors and inconsistencies, then your customer relationships could suffer. One important aspect of your CRM data is having the correct address associated with the correct customer. When the address is outdated or inaccurate, then you may end up losing sales or shipping a product to the wrong person. Manually checking and fixing all of your vTiger CRM addresses can be a big pain. Your business can’t afford to spend the time on these manual checks that will inevitably result in more errors. Luckily, this process can be automated to meet your needs.   Accurate and Instant Addresses with vTiger Google Address Lookup With vTiger Google Address Lookup, you can ensure the accuracy of all your customer data. This powerful extension will automatically check addresses with Google Maps and update when necessary. Having all

Merging Duplicate Data in vTiger CRM with Tools Like vTiger Duplicate Check & Merge

April 16, 2015
To get the most out of your vTiger CRM platform, you need to keep your data as accurate as possible. Having duplicate entries and any inconsistencies can throw off all of your numbers. That’s why it’s important to keep your data clean and check it on a regular basis. Over time, your vTiger CRM may become polluted with duplicate data and inaccuracies. When this happens, it can be difficult to maintain control over your customer relationships. This can mean lost leads and fewer conversions. Regular maintenance of your data to prevent these duplicate entries and other errors is essential.   vTiger Duplicate Check & Merge Improves Your Data   When you have a duplicate entry, you need to be able to merge that data. If this isn’t done properly, you can end up losing everything you’ve collected. Of course, manually checking and fixing your data isn’t really feasible. Fortunately, tools