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Module name is missing. Please check the module name

July 18, 2013
You have installed vTiger 5.x and once you login you get a message “Module name is missing. Please check the module name.” If it’s a fresh install, most likely the $root_directory variable in config.inc.php is not set properly. In order to set it, do: Go to folder vtigercrm/ Open config.inc.php file Find $root_directory variable and make sure, your vTiger CRM path is correct. Once verified, try again, if it still doesn’t work do: Add “/” at the end of the path, for example: /home/content/98/html/demo/ Try again, if it still doesn’t work try: Add “/” at the beginning of the path (if it does not exist)

vTiger Open Source 6.0 Beta Released

July 14, 2013
Finally vTigerCRM 6 Beta have been released. It’s not fully functional yet, there are some modules missing as well as some new modules that did not exist in vTigerCRM 5.4 such as Google Calendar & Contact Sync. Since it’s just Beta version, you can not upgrade from 5.4 yet and it’s only for testing and bug reporting purposes. The RC/Stable is scheduled to be released September or October, however the schedule might change. Vtiger 6.0 Beta: Installation Files | Installation Manual | Developer Manual

vTiger 5.4.0 Security Patch Released

March 26, 2013
vTiger team has released a security patch which will help prevent the Local File Inclusion, Local File Deletion, SQL Injection, PHP Code Injection, Cross site scripting, Arbitrary File Upload, Authentication Bypass vulnerabilities(SOAP API’s). You can download the patch from SourceForge or Office vTiger Link. Make sure you always backup  your files and the database.  To apply the security patch, simply overwrite the files in /vtigercrm/ directory. Feel free to contact us if you need help apply the patch.