Your Email Conversations Can Be Mirrored Into Vtiger With These Simple Plugins

June 10, 2016
Online markets are flooded with email clients, and we cannot deny their necessity. Also, every client is fulfilling the needs of a fair amount of organizations. You’ll have one too. But there is more to Vtiger’s email manager. With Vtiger 7’s email manager, communications with customers, from basic to elite level, are handled more efficiently. Keeping track of sales and support groups gets way easier, as all of the emails your team send or receive are channeled through your CRM’s own client. Moreover, it is the simplest way to bring all of the communication to a single showcase. It is undebatably an essential requirement of a firm to observe all of the email conversations of sales and support teams. Vtiger’s email plugins let you archive all the emails in conversation stature, so the discussions about deals and services are open to anyone with the access. All of the emails can

Auto-Fill And Post Fully Customized Attractive Emails Making Use Of Vtiger’s Email Templates

April 16, 2016
Most newsletters go down the sewer un-opened. According to Mailjet, open rate for marketing emails is 15-25%, and 30-40% for transactional emails. They chief reason of the dismissal of emails is the subject. So what if you send an email to your customers with a subject that depict that they are highly valued, by mentioning the name for each one of them. Yes it’ll work, but it’s not a piece of cake to send thousands of clients a separate email with their name and content specified for them. Or is it? Vtiger 7 introduces the solution as Email Templates, with which you can design, customize, and send attractive, rich text format, HTML emails, also including images and other stuff; all that with the potential to incorporate receiver’s personal information from Vtiger database like contact’s name, birthday, address, phone number, and organization name. Email templates let you: Create your own customized

Vtiger 7 And Office 365 Collaborate To Manage Your Calendars, Emails, And Contacts

March 17, 2016
It is a common practice among the sales reps, i.e. using office 365 for managing their schedules, exchange emails with the clients and they access new contact using it. This is because of the fact that Office 365 helps in boosting their productivity and it has a friendly user interface. But the drawback is that the other sales reps cannot see which contacts are already attended by their peers, sales manager has very less visibility of sales rep calendars and last but not least sales reps do not have the track of customer’s history. These problems have been studied and overcome by the latest version of  Vtiger, who also provides the functionality of synchronizing the Office 365 with itself, so you do not have to cope with the problems mentioned above. Distribution Of New Events Among The Whole Team Sales reps use office 365 to manage their contact network. This