Schedule your meetings using VTiger Appointments

March 3, 2021
Vtiger meetings
Meetings are an integral part of daily business interactions in the form of business meetings, job interviews, medical check-ups and even for a casual meet up. That is why an appointment scheduler is becoming a critical part of our business and personal life. Appointment scheduler helps organizations to be more productive, organized and punctual. On top of that it makes sure that you have good enough time to prepare for your upcoming appointments by alerting beforehand. Schedule Meetings using VTiger, as its appointment tools is one of the best meeting scheduler feature provided by any CRM system. Appointment scheduling is one of the most recursive task , that you sales and support agents have to face on daily basis and sometimes create a-lot of hassle for the staff members. A sales agent have to schedule a meeting with a promising lead,  so he checks at what time he is available and

Map Data in Emails from VTiger Records : New Addition in Email Marketing/ Automation Extension for VTiger

June 27, 2018
We have added a very helpful feature in Email Marketing Automation/Campaign Extension for VTiger. This extension makes VTiger a delightful marketing tool because of its simple configuration. Comes with a step by step implementation Wizard with an easy to select & customizable marketing list that supports Leads, Contacts & organizations. Next step is to create new or select an existing email template. It supports Mosaico template builder other than the standard vtiger template builder so you can create innovative emails, simply and easily. Then there is a confirmatory/send summary view.   It also supports various email outgoing servers and works with our other extension, Multi SMTP. You can schedule emails to go out in batches (to avoid spamming them), set the failed emails to retry and shows status of the emails as Opened, Sent , Failed, Unsubscribed and Unopened. It also supports executive summary charts. Moreover, gives a built-in Unsubscribe

VTiger 7’s Mailroom: A Leap Forward

November 15, 2016
There are a few things which are an essential part of your firm, no matter on what scale you are carrying out your business related operations, one of them is electronic mails. The benefits of emails are very convincing like it is a low-cost method of communication, it is used to keep a permanent record, it is used to target a wide range of people and locations does not matter when you are using emails. Moreover, it is an important tool which is used in formal communication. From announcing  your new product arrivals to sending a notice to your client to renew his subscription regarding your services, all is done through e-mails. VTiger 7 Providing Solutions to your Email Related Problems VTiger 7 CRM understands the extent to which the emails are important for your business. Therefore, it offers a huge range of cool and highly effective features regarding the

Significance Of Webforms And How Are They Useful In VTiger

November 6, 2016
Forms in Traditional use When business firms interact with their clients’, one of the most commonly used methods is forms. The reason behind using forms is that they are very easy to use, yet the information collected through them is very precise and accurate. The usage of forms in business is diverse and very vast from banks to the telecom service provider. Almost every organization uses forms. For example, whenever you visit a bank for depositing money, they will provide you a deposit form. In which you have to put information like account title, currency type, account number, signature etc. So, one fact is established that no one can deny the importance and usage of forms in business firms. How Critical Forms are in Cyber World The next question arises; do, in virtual world, forms have equal importance? And do they yield same benefits? The answer to the first question

5 Ways The Marketing Automation Can Help In Yielding Profits

November 1, 2016
The first and very basic question that arises in minds when people heard about the term marketing automation is, what basically is meant by marketing automation? Well, automation of marketing related tasks in a business firm like electronic mails, social media management  and other such operations is called marketing automation.  No matter either you are a well-established corporation or a small business which is on the verge of scaling up, marketing automation is a process which can benefit your business to a huge extent. 5 Major ways of yielding incentives by using marketing automation are as follows Automate your emails for reaching your target market more effectively and efficiently Email is the most common formal medium of communication that is used by business firms. Organizations contact with their potential leads, clients etc. through email. You can save a lot of human resources and valuable time just by automating the process

How To Automate Data Entry In VTiger

October 31, 2016
One of the most critical factors which can be used to determine how well an organization is performing is the quality of data they are sorting. Firms who are more efficient at gathering of quality data always have a competitive edge on others. Data entry is not only an integral part of a business firm’s but, it plays an important in every race of life like hospitals use the data entry to a very high extent. Well, data entry means inputting data into computers. Usually, it is a common point of view that data entry means recording data into the computer from the physical records. But, that is not the case, data entry means storing data into a system from any other systems like mobile applications, emails, internet forums and even physical records. One of the key features of a CRM is data entry, almost every CRM facilitates the data

VTiger Workflows Can Accomplish A Wide Range Of Tasks According To Your Directions

April 10, 2016
Are you upset because of all the workforce and resources are being consumed by some data entry and other manual task? Spare yourself the tension and manage the tasks by creating Workflows in Vtiger 7 CRM. Workflows can enable automatic emails, updating profiles, sending alerts, and refreshing data for your company. This productive tool will also help ease your mind so that you can make room for other important things, lunch with the kids, for instance. It is actually quite simple to make workflows. It takes three simple steps: There are several actions you can execute on selected modules including email management, producing new records in different modules, upgrading fields, or task management. So selecting a module in workflow can accomplish a number of tasks. 1. Creating a New Workflow To setup a custom workflow in Vtiger 7 First of all click the Menu icon Then go to Settings And click Automation In Workflows, press

Stay At The Top By Using VTiger Email Converter, One Of The Most Intellectual Data Management System

March 27, 2016
Since we are in the modern era, more and more regulatory requests are being confronted by our business groups now than any time in recent memory. Notwithstanding time spent offering, the normal deals delegate may now be solicited to spend upward from 10 hours every week on authoritative obligations that frequently, best case scenario in a roundabout way identify with genuine offering. Keeping up one client’s records takes normal of 2 hours a week, or maybe more. This includes mail management, internal correspondence and team gatherings, and can prompt genuine interferences and misfortunes in proficiency because of ceaseless errand exchanging. And it doesn’t get any easier. Competition is getting tough as companies are deploying better and efficient strategies every day. Just enhancing workers’ abilities is not enough nowadays. Something more is to be done. And Vtiger 7’s Mail Converter is the solution. Magic Trick Explained The efficiency is being enhanced