VTExperts Mobile app a better way to manage your CRM

April 29, 2021
A computer is not always accessible to a person, there are times when the users are away from their pc’s. At such times mobile apps provide instant access to the data stored to read and edit it. Mobile apps are a critical part of digital revolution, because of their improved accessibility, increased productivity and cost reduction. Suppose you just left the office and suddenly a client called you and inquired about the update on their recent project. You told him that it is in progress, by checking the status of the project on mobile app. Their are several similar scenarios, where mobile apps prove to be really handy and save people a-lot of hassle.VTiger CRM can also be accessed through different mobile apps e.g. VTE mobile app, Vtiger 360 etc. VTExperts Mobile app helps in managing your CRM on mobile deviced in a better manner, so we can say that

VTiger providing SMS marketing

April 21, 2021
  SMS is a major source of communication all around the globe. It is one of the oldest and most frequently used texting technology. Marketers use SMS to reach their potential clients.  It is common practice of people to avoid marketing emails by setting up filters. Here comes SMS in play and bypass filters. The reason behind using the SMS is to conduct close range marketing practices. They are used to let your customers know about the instant offers with-in a vicinity. Vtiger is providing SMS feature for marketing anf other communication purposes. Another major advantage that SMS is that, with-in three minutes of delivery 90% of the texts are read. This shows how good of a marketing medium SMS is for the marketers. That is why, VTiger is providing an excellent tool for SMS marketing Following are some of the benefits of using SMS in marketing practices. Text messages

VTiger providing telephony Solutions

April 15, 2021
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Telephony is not a very new technology, in-fact it exists for more then a century now. It existed in pre-internet era and back then used to connect to the internet. In todays digital business environment, good communication process is the key to success. CRM offers a wide range of communication tools, ranging from PBX to instant chat to improve communication. VTiger providing telephony solutions, that can be used by aany business (wheather it is a small or a large business) Consider an IT solution provider, they have sales team and a support team. Both of them need a good telephony solution to make calls. For example the sales team need to make cold calls, follow up calls, sales calls etc. On the other hand support team will be asked about various support queries through calls. Telephony integrations is a perfect solution for such businesses. Some small sized firms consider telephony

Use of conditional layout in Vtiger

April 15, 2021
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All of us have came across scenarios, where a VTiger CRM record is bombarded with a number of different fields. In such situations some of the fields are necessary and some of them are only to be filled if a specific condition is met. For example, in below provided screenshot, all the fields related to the signal will only be filled, if signals enabled is set to “yes”. It would be far much better if all the fields like Signal Reach, Signal screen, Signal Strength are kept hidden and only made visible to the user once the choose “yes” option for the Signals enabled. In this article, we will discsus a great tool for Vtiger named as Conditional layout extension developed by VTExperts. There are countless examples in which businesses have various field for a record, but in most cases not even half of them are being used. Such scenarios

Measure Client’s Satisfaction with VTiger

April 3, 2021
Vtiger feedback feature image
It is not wrong to say that a satisfied customer is the biggest asset for a business. Customer satisfaction can act as a make or break for a business. Managing satisfaction is a complicated task. Measuring customer loyalty helps businesses to provide better solutions to their valued customers. It is observed that firms with high customer satisfaction gets more business. Many goods just failed because of poor customer satisfaction, because if you do not care for customer’s satisfaction in return they will not care for your products and goods. In the world of CRM systems,  it is very easy to measure Client’s Satisfaction with VTiger. Advantages of getting Feedback Following are some of the main advantages that customer satisfaction yields for a business Selling to a satisfied is alot easier as compare to the new customer or customer who has a bad experience with your company. A satisfied customer generates

Integrate MS-ADFS with Vtiger CRM

March 26, 2021
feature image of MS ADFS integration into crm
What is ADFS? VTExperts believes and always focuses on providing better solutions to the VTiger CRM community. That is why we offer a range of different VTiger integrations like QuickBooks, google drive, HubSpot, etc. We always keep on bringing new integration for our valued clients and this time it is Microsoft ADFS. Integrate MS ADFS with Vtiger CRM and log into multiple compatible device Before taking a look at MS ADFS integration with Vtiger CRM, let’s understand what is SSO (Single Sign-On). Also we will be looking at MS ADFS (Active Directory Federation Service)   What is SSO? SSO (Single Sign-On) is used to login into multiple apps using a single user name and password. It streamlines the overall process of log into different apps and also saves users from remembering multiple passwords. It works on the principle of identity provider, using it websites skips the user to prove

VTiger & Xero Integration: A Strong Foundation For A Company’s Accounts

November 18, 2016
Financials and accounts are the backbone of a business, its importance can be determined from the fact that every business needs accounts reporting and check n balance. Well-kept financials can help a business firm in a number of ways. For example, managing the cash flows of the firm, from where they are earning and the points where they are spending. Forecast about how any units you will sell in the future is determined by evaluating the revenue and sales of past years. The story does not end here; accounts can also be used to manage internal affairs of a firm. For example, using an accounting software to estimate how much tax your firm will pay this year, or what percentage of the total amount will be paid as direct and indirect tax Calibrating wages, or the distribution of bonuses can also be done using such softwares. Accounting and CRM To

Application Of DocuSign’s Integration With VTiger

November 14, 2016
Emerging business trends involve a lot of travel, in fact, there are jobs which specifically require working from the remote areas. So much hassle can cause a lot of problems which can lead to different kinds of further hurdles. Those problems range from poor customer service to forgetting some important paper on your desk while you are at a remote place. For example, a sales rep made a visit to a potential client at another city and recorded all of his credentials, but when he reached his office and started to brief his superiors about the new client, he noticed that his client missed one signature out of six on the contract that was made between the firm and the customer. Well, should he go back to his client and get the signature? Or he should ask his customer to e-sign the softcopy of the papers? Obviously later is the

An Introduction To VTiger – Zapier Integration

October 30, 2016
When we look at real life scenarios, it is not hard to notice that only those people influence others more, who have great communication skills. Same is the case with business firms, an organization with superior communication setups yield far greater profits than ordinary ones. How better communicating process helps business firms? Well, there are numerous reasons behind this phenomenon, but I will like to quote some of those: A better communication process helps business to identify their needs more effectively and take decisions accordingly Good communication leads to comprehending the customer needs with more accuracy and then respond to them with product they want Effective communication model increases the productivity of employees and helps in maintaining better relationships among them Customer service depends on upon how efficiently firm’s representative can communicate with the customers, so in this regard organizations with strong communication image gets a competitive edge. We can

Accounting System Integration In VTiger

October 26, 2016
Effects of Accounting Systems on Business Accounting systems are an integral part of business firms, from a small scale business like a bakery service operating at a local shopping mall to high-end Multi-national Corporation, all of them require an accounting system to streamline their operations. These accounting systems not only help you with cost management, but they also influence a positive impact on your value chain. On the basis of data collected by these accounting systems, future forecasts and financial reports are generated. This clearly shows the sheer power of an accounting system and how it can play a vital role in maximizing the profits of your business firm. Accounting Systems and CRM You can imagine the potential of a good accounting system from above-provided information and you are no alien to the sheer strength of a good CRM like VTiger 7.  Now it is time to embrace, witness and

How To Integrate VTiger & QuickBooks Desktop For Data Synchronization

October 3, 2016
VTiger 7 CRM gives liberty to align and synchronize your QuickBooks Desktop with the CRM. It will empower you to sync Contacts, Products, Services, and Invoices among VTiger 7 CRM and QuickBooks. The synchronization of above-mentioned things works in both ways, which means information that is incorporated in one platform will be automatically updated on the other one. Minimum Requirement: To avail this feature, Sales Professional or Ultimate Edition is required. Supplies Make yourself ready before-hand. Following is the list of software required to be incorporated in your system prior to carrying out the original installation process: QuickBooks Desktop Software QuickBooks Web Connector VTiger CRM On-Demand Learn about the latest VTiger & QuickBooks Extension that provides a lot of advanced features. How to Install QuickBooks Web Connector QuickBooks Web Connector’s main function is to move information between VTiger 7 and QuickBooks. Download it from here. If you want to access QuickBooks

Synchronize Magento Shopping Carts With VTiger

August 24, 2016
If you are aware of the word Magento, you’d surely know about what is a Shopping Cart, as well as the other way around. That’s how much powerful Magento is. A shopping cart is a piece of e-commerce software on a web server that allows visitors to an Internet site to select items for eventual purchase, and Magento is an open-source technology that provides the online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. Heads Up! Magento Community (version 1.6 upto 1.9.) are supported by the VTiger 7 Shopping Cart module Note: Only Sales Professional and Ultimate Edition of VTiger 7 CRM offer this handy feature Overview VTiger 7’s Shopping Cart module is designed in such a way that it caters Magento Community Edition 1.6 to 1.9. Three common modules which are featured by VTiger 7 are as following: Contacts in Vtiger as Customers in Magento Products in Vtiger as Products in Magento

Integration And Configuration Of VTiger & Quickbooks Online

August 16, 2016
As we are on a streak to discuss the integrations of multiple extremely valuable tools with VTiger 7, here comes another one, Quickbooks (Online). This useful tool of VTiger 7 allows you to integrate your Contacts, Products, Services, Vendors and Invoices with QuickBooks (Online) very easily. All you have to do is gather information in one place and it will sync QuickBooks Online and VTiger 7 CRM accounts. Note! The feature is available for Sales Professional and Ultimate Edition users. Officially this feature is proposed for users residing in USA, UK, India, Australia and Canada. But, customers from other regions can also avail it. VTiger & Quickbooks Integration is designed to meet your requirements in an efficient way. Check it out. Fulfilling Requirements In this section we will brief you how to use this integration in VTiger 7 CRM. Prior of initiating the integration process you have to connect the VTiger

VTiger’s Esign Module Has The License For DocuSign Integration

August 4, 2016
Current business environment is very competitive and because of this very reason even small act of negligence can cause serious harm to the business. A task which is in repetition in everyday schedules makes it a very important one, that is signing the documents related to business. VTiger 7 provides you with a great integration with the app named as DocuSign, which allows to sign documents electronically according to the ESIGN Act. This feature not only saves time but also smoothens the business cycle making it more efficient and cost effective. Note! DocuSign is featured in Sales Professional, Support Professional and Ultimate Edition of VTiger 7. Getting documents signed by clients is an essential part of daily business dealings. DocuSign aids to get agreements and documents signed by the clients and customers electronically. You can also send PDF files that are Internal or generated by Print template, and for doing so all you need is to incorporate

Paypal Merchant Account Configuration In Vtiger 7

June 5, 2016
Vtiger 7 is fully customizable and comes with many extensions and integration options. Now our think tank is exactly aware of users’ demands, and we are not forgetting the need of Paypal merchant account integration. So we designed this guide to describe how to configure a Paypal merchant account in the Payments module. The Paypal Digital Goods Checkout payment method is the solution that enables a user to accept payments via secure Paypal gateway. To receive payments online, you will have to own a functional Paypal Business Account. Paypal merchant account configuration in Vtiger 7 CRM is not a rocket science: First of all, click on the Menu icon Then browse the Settings and look for Inventory Then select Subscriptions There you can add a new gateway with the help of +Add Gateway button A popup named “Configure Merchant Account” will appear demanding the basic details and credentials required for the login.

VTiger 7 and Xero Integration Is The Ideal Simultaneity Solution For Sales, Support, And Accounts Departments

April 10, 2016
How much time does it take to review product prices?  Your company’s accounts section and your team have worked their wits out preparing proposals for the new fiscal year. You had to observe market trends, predict customer’s mind, analyze purchase history, determine the goals and all the while keep an eye on the competitors. Your hard work pays off truly if the deal done by your sales team is according to the latest price lists the same day your proposal is approved. Your company might offer better quotations than your rivals and this works to your advantage. It is possible only if all the sections are coordinated well and updates are available to each and every person on the go. You require contact information that is collected by marketing section; you require data to help eradicate the flaws but it can be obtained from technical support personnel; the exchange of

Docusign and VTiger 7’s Capabilities Can Be Bonded Using Esign Module

April 3, 2016
What if you are informed that your hard earned vacation is spoiled only because of a misplaced signature on the contract you have signed a week ago? Obviously work is on top of your priority list but a little vacation every now and then doesn’t hurt. But cases like that not only can ruin your vacations, but more importantly, your crucial deals, orders, actions, or plans may get delayed and consequently abandoned. Thanks to Vtiger 7’s Esign module, getting the required signatures, whether from a partner across the office, or a sulky customer from the other side of the globe is instant, easy and virtually foolproof. It can be initiated from a desktop, laptop, or even your cellular device in just a few clicks. You will experience smooth progression and increased bandwidth for other tasks. Also the time spans of deals cycles will be shorten. We are making it possible for