Sort-Out The Currency Differences For Your Company Around The Globe With Vtiger’s Currency Manager

April 30, 2016
When you’re running a multi-national business, or planning to expand from a country to another, there are hundreds of real time as well as virtual problems you might face. While handling offshore businesses and your teams can be tricky, we do not want you wasting precious resources on common complications that can be handled otherwise. In this topic, we’re focusing on handling currency conversions without employing extra resources. Currency Manager of Vtiger 7 is an extremely helpful tool when it comes to dealing in multiple currencies. This feature is of assistance in dealing clients all over the world by incorporating national and international currencies. Base Currency First of all, you will have to select a base currency on the start-up page when you first log in. It will provide a threshold in a country against which the exchange rates are determined. Like INR is local currency of India and USD

An Advance Guide About VTiger’s Customer Portal’s Functionality

April 29, 2016
Customer Portal is a highly customizable tool of Vtiger 7, with which you can facilitate your clients by providing remote support. With this portal, users can report cases, view Knowledge Base (FAQs), Invoices, Quotes, Products, Services, Documents, Contacts, Accounts, Assets, and Projects related to them and their organizations if any, all without any assistance of a support officer. You can read more about Vtiger 7’s Customer Portal and the opportunities it provides in this article: Customer Portal Is A Vastly Customizable Platform For Remote Solutions. Login To avail the endless opportunities provided by the portal, users need to login to the account using the URL, username, and password received via email. Once logged in, the main screen of portal will be displayed in front of the user These following sections comprise the main screen: Announcement Widget Charts Widget Recent Cases Record Widget Support notification Portal Shortcuts Widget Recent FAQ Record

VTiger Customer Portal Establishment On A Website And Enabling Or Disabling It For Contacts

April 28, 2016
While we had thoroughly discussed the Customer Portal’s basic setup for Vtiger 7’s dashboard in this article, the versatility and customizability of the tool to a company’s requirements was also explained. As much as the Portal is productive, it would be of no use if your company’s clients cannot reach it. The best possible way to do so is to host the customer portal on your company’s website. So it would be accessible to the customers when they’d visit the site. How is the Customer Portal Hosted on a Website? As much as it sounds complicated, the task is no rocket science, as Vtiger 7 has made it easiest as it could be. The procedure is explained here step by step: First of all download this product Then you need to modify the config file (<web root>/portal/config.inc.php) $site_URL : CRM instance path $CompanyName : Enter the name of the company

VTiger Customer Portal Is A Vastly Customizable Platform For Remote Solutions

April 24, 2016
There is a platform in Vtiger 7, Customer Portal, where users can get solutions for most of the problems and issues distantly. To reach the customer portal, no help from the customer care is required, which boosts the resolution system. This platform can also be termed as Customer Self-Service Portal, as users can report cases, view Knowledge Base (FAQs), Invoices, Quotes, Products, Services, Documents, Contacts, Accounts, Assets, and Projects related to them and their organizations if any, all without any assistance of a support officer. Note! Customer Portal is available for Support Professional and Ultimate Edition users only The arrangement of the fields and categories of Customer Portal is governed and regulated by the Administrator. Sequence of the tabs and showing/hiding them from the portal is controllable. The ability of a customer to reach modules, fields and their data can also be granted or denied. Moreover, a default assignee to watch over cases and

Upgrade Guide: VTiger 6.1 to VTiger 6.2

April 23, 2016
We understand that you won’t like to get stuck with the older versions of VTiger CRM. As to enhance your business’s productivity and reinforce the quality of support services, comprising at something lesser than the best is obviously not an option. We also understand that VTiger CRM is a complex tool that contains almost all of the crucial/semi crucial information of the company. Upgrading the CRM to more suited versions is mandatory, yes, but trying to do so without an expert on your side is not a good idea. Still, if you plan to have a go at it by yourself, we designed a thorough guide that will help you to Upgrade your CRM from VTiger 6.1 to VTiger 6.2. If you are not comfortable performing the upgrade yourself, VTiger Experts are always at your service, no matter what type of upgrade, implementation, or customization it is. The following step-by-step

Never miss an update with Vtiger 7’s Notification and alert system

April 20, 2016
You can get help in your daily tasks from Vtiger 7’s automatic notification system. Here you’ll learn how to get them started and there various properties. Set up notifications When you mark notifications in the system, it redirects them to the Notification centre which will send alerts in the form specified by you. After you have taken follow up actions on the notifications or dismissed them, those notifications will be removed from the active list. Select the bell shaped icon present on the top right corner of the page to set up notifications. Similarly, select the gear shaped icon in the notification centre to return to the settings. Types of notifications Calendar @Mentions On save Alerts Smart reminders 1. Calendar All types of reminders you save in calendar e.g. calls, meetings or events, can trigger the system to send alerts through email and notification center on the time specified by

How To Design And Employ VTiger Service Level Agreement (SLA) For The Best Customer Care

April 19, 2016
An agreement between a service provider (does not matter if internal or external) and the end user that states the caliber of the support and solutions to be delivered to the client by the company is known as Service Level Agreement (SLA). SLAs define the resources and level of support the client will get, with whom the SLA is signed. Note! This feature is available in Support Professional Edition and Ultimate Edition of Vtiger CRM. Design an SLA Policy To compose an SLA Policy, this protocol can be followed: First of all go to the Menu icon Look for the Settings button In settings, click SLA Policiesin the Support tab Now in this window press the +Add SLAicon in the top right corner Provide the SLA details in the pertinent fields SLA Policy Configuration Three aspects of SLA policy are to be devised Policy Name: An appropriate name for the SLA policy Operational Hours: There are two options in the

Mastermind Your Company’s Schedule By Learning Vtiger 7’s Calendar-Customizations

April 18, 2016
With Calendar, managing activities like Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Projects, and Opportunities gets quite easy yet effective. Any record in Vtiger 7 that is tagged with a date can be directly associated to calendar. We’ll be focusing on the Calendar’s Settings in this article. To read more about calendar’s features, you can check this complete guide. Calendar Settings As all other hallmarks of Vtiger 7, calendar is also fully customizable and can be optimized according to your business needs. Either it includes Reminder Interval, Default Calendar View, or the Time Zone; the CRM lets you sketch your own success. Field Description Starting Day of the week Select the starting day of a week. For example, if your organization’s start day of a week is Monday, just select it in this section to be applied in the Calendars of whole organization Day Starts at Do the working hours start at 9 am?

Auto-Fill And Post Fully Customized Attractive Emails Making Use Of Vtiger’s Email Templates

April 16, 2016
Most newsletters go down the sewer un-opened. According to Mailjet, open rate for marketing emails is 15-25%, and 30-40% for transactional emails. They chief reason of the dismissal of emails is the subject. So what if you send an email to your customers with a subject that depict that they are highly valued, by mentioning the name for each one of them. Yes it’ll work, but it’s not a piece of cake to send thousands of clients a separate email with their name and content specified for them. Or is it? Vtiger 7 introduces the solution as Email Templates, with which you can design, customize, and send attractive, rich text format, HTML emails, also including images and other stuff; all that with the potential to incorporate receiver’s personal information from Vtiger database like contact’s name, birthday, address, phone number, and organization name. Email templates let you: Create your own customized

Circumvent Identical Records Submission With VTiger’s Duplicate Check And Merge

April 13, 2016
Software are not AI. But they are the closest to what we can get right now. What matters most is how much closer one gets to it. There are several responsibilities you might want to take off your shoulders and add in your CRM’s list. But there is also a limit for that. One major problem being encountered by companies is to avoid duplicate record creation and to achieve it without any hassle. Vtiger 7 took the intuitive and developed the “Vtiger Duplicate Check & Merge” tool to avoid any record duplication in your database. There can be a number of cases when unknowingly the records may overlap. Restoring data from a CSV backup file, integrating Vtiger to another program, or even while submitting a new record in your own directory. All complications regarding to the identical record entry can be avoided using Duplicate Check & Merge hallmark. Also, if multiple

Coalesce Gmail, Outlook, And Office 365 With Vtiger Using Corrensa

April 12, 2016
There are a number of ways to customize emails. Many tools let you login with your credentials and bring the sent, received, draft, and trash sections into the software. And there are systems that let you manage your email services in productive manners. Vtiger itself is packed with features that take your business to another level. Making new contacts and leads, creating cases, predict new opportunities, keeping contacts histories and lot more can be accomplished just upon the arrival of an email. But there can be a number of reasons to avail all these facilities through your own favorite email client. What if I told you that you could enjoy all of the Vtiger’s features right from your Gmail, Outlook, or Office 365 interface? Yes it is possible, and the solution’s name is Corrensa. Corrensa is an extension/plugin for your Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365, that gives you the capability

VTiger 7 and Xero Integration Is The Ideal Simultaneity Solution For Sales, Support, And Accounts Departments

April 10, 2016
How much time does it take to review product prices?  Your company’s accounts section and your team have worked their wits out preparing proposals for the new fiscal year. You had to observe market trends, predict customer’s mind, analyze purchase history, determine the goals and all the while keep an eye on the competitors. Your hard work pays off truly if the deal done by your sales team is according to the latest price lists the same day your proposal is approved. Your company might offer better quotations than your rivals and this works to your advantage. It is possible only if all the sections are coordinated well and updates are available to each and every person on the go. You require contact information that is collected by marketing section; you require data to help eradicate the flaws but it can be obtained from technical support personnel; the exchange of

VTiger Workflows Can Accomplish A Wide Range Of Tasks According To Your Directions

April 10, 2016
Are you upset because of all the workforce and resources are being consumed by some data entry and other manual task? Spare yourself the tension and manage the tasks by creating Workflows in Vtiger 7 CRM. Workflows can enable automatic emails, updating profiles, sending alerts, and refreshing data for your company. This productive tool will also help ease your mind so that you can make room for other important things, lunch with the kids, for instance. It is actually quite simple to make workflows. It takes three simple steps: There are several actions you can execute on selected modules including email management, producing new records in different modules, upgrading fields, or task management. So selecting a module in workflow can accomplish a number of tasks. 1. Creating a New Workflow To setup a custom workflow in Vtiger 7 First of all click the Menu icon Then go to Settings And click Automation In Workflows, press

Harmonize VTiger 7’s Mailroom To Automatically Create And Update Mailers’ Information

April 9, 2016
Doesn’t matter if your business is a corporate or an association, as long as it’s a business, you will receive emails. The number, however, increases with value of the company. You can hire a large team to manually categorize the collected emails and then perform the appropriate actions. Yes that’s one way to do so. Or you can program Vtiger 7’s Mailroom hallmark to save the hassle. There are a lot of ways in which Mailroom can be configured to respond. A new case, lead, or opportunity, can be created from a received email in Mailroom. If none of these actions are required, the email can be forwarded as it is to the contact’s history. Ability to Create Unlimited Virtual Addresses You can create virtual email addresses as many as you need. Just follow these simple steps: Add a ‘+’ to the username Provide a suffix e.g., ‘+support’ Like if

VTiger’s Modern Social Module Refines Support, Marketing, And Sales

April 7, 2016
Users make and break brands. And with the current modes of communications at disposal, it happens rapider than expected. Until a few decades, customer could not have thought of actually interacting with a representative of a company, but the sales rep only. Then the system evolved giving clients the facility to at least make the companies listen them out. Recent criteria for customer support were also not challenging enough for businesses, which let users to register their complaints and organizations had to fix those. Modern system of customer care is getting more responsive, active, and reliable. Tough competition and social media awareness are the sources of this outcome. Past stories clearly state that it’s not going to be the same. People are going to judge at social media, companies then will try harder to meet their needs, top players like Amazon and Fedex have already raised their standards. And it

Capturing Leads Has Been Made Possible By VTiger 7’s Webforms

April 6, 2016
Clearly, a form either be filled on a paper or over the web, is a fundamental requirement of any business. As Vtiger 7 is fulfilling your business requirements, this feature is not missing in the CRM either. With Webforms HTML forms can be created and linked to your website, which enables easy stats recording into your Vtiger account. The collected data can be used to enhance future aspects of the posts, tools, features or whatever you deal in. Lead record can be a head-start for your sales and marketing teams, who can always use a benefit. Outlining New Webforms A new webform can be designed in the Vtiger 7 by using these steps: Start by clicking on the Menu icon to select Settings Then click Automation And press the +Add Webform button located at the top right A form will be appeared with several sections. In the first section named “Creating New Webform”,

Setup Module Numbering To Automate The Allocation Of Custom Record Numbers In VTiger

April 5, 2016
It’s pretty common to assign a custom ID to a client or another entity. In fact, companies rarely use original names. It creates bothering hurdles when you asked someone to fetch the data about John’s case and the response you get is, “Full name please”? Obviously, assigning a custom ID is essential, and so does programming the Vtiger 7 to assign Custom Record Number to every module and the subjects under the category. The feature you’ll be looking for is present under the name Module Numbering. Before submitting data into Vtiger 7 account, it’s recommended to set the custom record numbers. It is due to the fact that once an ID has been assigned to a record, it will not be possible to change it, as there is no use for it. So new custom record numbers only get applied to the entities that are recorded after module numbering has

Optimization, Activation, And Deactivation Of VTiger Modules Is Lucrative

April 4, 2016
What is a Module? Module is an area of Vtiger 7, comprising various necessary tools which help the sales staff, support, and marketing departments among a lot of others. Project and activity management is also operated via modules. You might want to disable extra modules in order to streamline your experience of the Vtiger 7. Activation and deactivation of the modules is easily configurable. So “Hide and Seek” is not a game anymore. Modules can be Configured in a Number of Ways Module optimization is very straightforward. Clicking Settings dropdown button exhibits fields for that specific module, each one of them comprising of its own features. You can manage and alter according to your needs and requirements as shown in the figure below: Talking about Leads, there are seven fields to be configured. Disable Extra Modules Module manager is the feature you will be looking for in order to disable the

Docusign and VTiger 7’s Capabilities Can Be Bonded Using Esign Module

April 3, 2016
What if you are informed that your hard earned vacation is spoiled only because of a misplaced signature on the contract you have signed a week ago? Obviously work is on top of your priority list but a little vacation every now and then doesn’t hurt. But cases like that not only can ruin your vacations, but more importantly, your crucial deals, orders, actions, or plans may get delayed and consequently abandoned. Thanks to Vtiger 7’s Esign module, getting the required signatures, whether from a partner across the office, or a sulky customer from the other side of the globe is instant, easy and virtually foolproof. It can be initiated from a desktop, laptop, or even your cellular device in just a few clicks. You will experience smooth progression and increased bandwidth for other tasks. Also the time spans of deals cycles will be shorten. We are making it possible for

Vtiger 7’s Customer Portal Is Loaded With Features To Succour You And Customers

April 2, 2016
To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one. In the current era of sales and services, giants like Amazon and UPS have set top notch standards. So users tend to avoid companies, not furnishing next to the best customer service departments. So keeping up with the pace is getting tougher as seconds go by. Typically, most of the companies channel customer care via phone and email, which sometimes satisfy the demands. But while solving persisting issues, a business requires more than mere phone and email support. Long wait, service with continuous interruptions, and tenacious absence of straightforwardness, certainly create gaps between best and you. It doesn’t only bother the customers, but teams also suffer a lot. Vtiger 7’s Customer Portal provides the users with the authority to self-serve, connect with, and keep track of the issue rectification process. As the upshot, customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty