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Enhance Vtiger’s productivity with VTExperts

April 17, 2023
Productivity is an important aspect of any organization or individual. It allows measuring the work efficiency within a designated timeframe to achieve the maximum possible output. In this article, we will check how can you enhance Vtiger productivity with VTExperts. We live in an era where digital productivity is a booming concept. Let’s get ourselves familiarized with digital productivity tools first. Digital Productivity tools Digital productivity refers to the deployment of digital tools and technologies to improve a team’s efficiency and efficacy in fulfilling tasks and achieving goals. This involves leveraging technology to streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, facilitate remote collaboration, and access information and resources more efficiently. By realizing the potential of digital tools, individuals and organizations can optimize processes, minimize resource utilization, and achieve their goals with increased productivity. Moreover, digital productivity tools are cost-effective and easy to use. You can also check Productivityist, if you want to

VTExperts tools to help admins better manage Vtiger CRM

December 1, 2022
The system administrator is one of the most in-demand roles in the IT world. He has access to all the records of the CRM system. The primary duty of the CRM administrator is to maintain the integrity of the CRM system and ensure that the system is up and running. Vtiger CRM system provides some basic instruments, to help system administrators to better perform their duties. In this article, we will look at some of VTExperts tools to help admins better manage Vtiger CRM. First of all, we will go through some major responsibilities of a system administrator Responsibilities of the System administrator Make the system secure: On the prominent responsibility of a system admin is to make the system secure from any type of data breaches and hacking attempts. Setting up firewalls is also a part of making the system secure Preparing a contingency plan in case of system

How Vtiger CRM assists in Sales

August 3, 2022
In current corporate sector, CRM platforms are considered basic necessity for firms to manage their key functions. CRM helps to manage operations for almost every department. In this article, we will focus on the fact that how Vtiger CRM assists in sales process. As we know that Sales is one of those departments of a company that helps businesses and firms to grow. Sales department needs precise data to generate achievable goals. CRM helps to increase the proficiency of sales operations and generate revenue. Following are some of the advantages of using a CRM system for sales purposes. Advantages of using CRM for sales 1- CRM helps to boost the overall sales activities: With the help of CRM, you can check the past behavior of certain target audience. By utilizing the information created from raw data, you can easily recognize the interests and needs of your customer. Once you know

How to make emails avoid going to spam

July 13, 2022
Emails are an integral part of Vtiger CRM. Vtiger can also be used to send out email campaigns using VTExperts Email marketing extension. A very common issue that email marketers face, is that the emails they send out in an email campaign are landed in the spam folder most of the time. In this article we will learn what causes your emails to land into junk folder and how to make emails avoid going to spam. Why emails land in Spam box There are a number of different factor which causes emails to land into the spam folder. Lets look at some of the most prominent reasons behind it Make sure that you have permission/authorization to send email to contacts you are incorporating in email marketing campaign. Do not buy the list of email addresses to use in you email marketing campaign as it can put you on risk of

Email Conversation/Preview Extension For VTiger 7 – New Release

November 12, 2018
The standard view of emails in VTiger is quite uneasy to use. Every single email gets showed up in the related emails section. Information regarding emails is displayed in columns. If you need to view an email – you click it and it pops up, so far so good. But next email requires closing the current one and opening it which is quite irritating. But you know that already, right?   What’s new in the market is the Email Preview/Conversation extension for VTiger 7 open source, which transforms “simple” email list into conversation view. The view is very easy to read and includes email message on the list, meaning that you don’t need to open email to see the response. In addition, it differentiates emails from customers versus VTiger users by highlighting the background and adding divider borders.   The plugin is configurable, where you can define how many characters

Email Marketing/Campaign Extension For VTiger Supports Resubscribe Contacts

November 9, 2018
Email Marketing Automation/Campaign is an extension for VTiger 7 that transforms VTiger into sophisticated email marketing/campaign tool. It includes a step by step wizard, easy to use “marketing list” (to load contacts/leads/organizations), review & send + confirmation/summary view that shows exactly what and when is going to be sent. In addition, it supports batch sending, meaning that you can schedule emails to go out over 15, 30, 60min instead of sending them all at once. The tool comes with #1 open source email builder to design modern campaigns.   As the extension allows the receivers to unsubscribe from the email lists, according to the latest user right laws and GDPR restrictions, the tool is no less than any modern and fancy email marketing tools.   Now we have added the ability for system admins to Re-subscribe the unsubscribed users. This helps for the addresses where you see client being interested

VTiger 7 Customer Portal Customization: Set Portal Password

October 5, 2017
    VTiger comes with customer portal (which you need to install separately – instructions here). It has most of the functionality a robust portal would need – access to contact details, invoices, quotes, tickets, documents and much more. In order to enable customer portal for the customer, you currently need to go into contact record, scroll down to “Customer Portal Details” block and check the “Portal User” field. This will trigger an email to be sent out to the customer with link, username and password. We had a request to manually create password instead of having the system generate one, so we added a “Portal Password” field, which is masked by ********** and the actual password is only shown when switch (on/off) is clicked. It also only allows certain users to view the password. This is also used to reset the password, all the user has to do is

VTiger 7 Workflow Customization: Set Scheduled Activity/Task Start Time XX Minutes from Current Time

October 3, 2017
  VTiger has a very flexible and powerful workflow/automation capabilities. Utilizing VTiger workflows, you can automatically schedule activities, tasks, send emails, updated fields, create records, invoke custom functions and much more. As we were working with automatically scheduling activities, we realized that there’s no way to set dynamic start/end time of the event/task. This mean, that every time there’s an activity created via workflow – the start/end time will either be “the time activity was created” or you have to preset the time to be e.g 8:00am. One of our customers have a very strict SLA/change management process, which requires activities to be created right away and the start/end time set based on the time of the creation, meaning that “Start Time should be 60 minutes from now”. We have customized VTiger workflow actions (Add Task & Add Event) and added a new field next to “Start Time”, which allows

VTiger 7 Customization: Contact Relationship & Referral Management

October 2, 2017
  VTiger does not currently have any way of managing relationships between two or more contacts, meaning that you can not link 2 contacts and set relationship as “Spouse”, “Husband”, “Referral” or whatever it might be. We have designed a module that allows exactly that. It was built in a way where it does not modify any of the core files and is completely independent, compatible with workflows and  reports. It’s a custom module that has 2 contact lookup fields, one for primary person and the second for the secondary contact. There are also 2 fields to select relationship as well as description fields for any additional details. It can be used in variety scenarios, such as family relationships, referrals, hierarchy, custom assignment and many more. That’s just one of the VTiger customizations we’ve done – please give us a call if you need such solution or anything else related to VTiger.  

VTiger 6 Customization: Customized Email Templates with Sharing/Permissions + Workflows

September 25, 2017
    VTiger has built-in email templates, which can be used in workflows as well as sending emails from the CRM. For most businesses standard vtiger email templates are sufficient as they provide ability to quickly send templated emails. We received multiple requests regarding the permissions/sharing as well as workflow capabilities that related to email templates. In standard VTiger you can not share or restrict a user/group/role from accessing certain email templates, which makes it difficult to use them for business with multiple departments. To overcome that, we customized email templates to support sharing/permissions where you can select users/groups/profiles/roles and assign them to the email templates. This layer of permissions really helps to separate the departments and restrict visibility in certain cases. Next, since templates can be used in workflows, and some of the templates are created for workflows only – it wouldn’t make sense to see them when sending regular

VTiger 6 Customization: Custom Quick Create Quote From

September 22, 2017
  VTiger has a “Quick Create” option for most of the modules, however the more complicated ones such as quotes, invoices, sales & purchase orders does not have that option. One of our customers goes through a lot of quotes daily and found themselves spending too much time creating quotes and requested for a solution. Usually it takes about 1-2 minutes to create new quote by filling out all fields, searching and selecting products/services and so on. To make this process a little easier, we created a new Custom Quote Form, which only contains 7 key fields (specific to their business) and the item details section was customized to show the head or each ‘item family’ with ability to select items from the dropdown as well as add new rows, set qty and price. In addition, as the quick quote gets saved, it runs multiple back-end processes to preset all the other

VTiger 7 Customization: Attach Files/Documents to Calendar Activity/Task

September 21, 2017
  Calendar Activities (Tasks & Events) is considered a special module due to it’s custom design. That makes it harder to integrate with all the other extensions, add related modules and most importantly – customize. Events/Tasks in VTiger are used differently by many business, some use for scheduling jobs, reminders and others for actual to-dos, tasks and checklists. One the key features VTiger Calendar module is missing – is ability to attach documents/files to it. One of our customers requested to add such ability and we designed in a way where you can attach multiple documents/files to the activity as well as include those into the emails generated by workflow. That’s just one of the VTiger customizations we’ve done – please give us a call if you need such solution or anything else related to VTiger.  

VTiger 6 Customization: Custom Statement + Invoice Summary

September 20, 2017
    VTiger has a built in “Export to PDF” function which allows to export Invoice into PDF, however it is limited to just one invoice a the time. In some cases that sufficient, however most businesses require a monthly/quarterly/yearly invoice statement or summary and that’s where VTiger is lacking the functionality. Based on one of our customer’s requirements, we built a custom invoice summary/statement page, where the user can access it from the organization and see all the invoices there. In addition, we added a date filter, so the invoice can be filtered to specific date range. We also added totals at the bottom, so you can clearly see the received, balance for individual invoices as well as the total. To make the process more efficient, we added an “Export to PDF” button, which create a statement/summary for all the invoice shown as well as the totals, company information

VTiger 6 Customization: Custom Order Module + Item Depletion

September 19, 2017
  VTiger has a built-in Sales Order module which supports products, services and has a lot of features such as taxes, discounts and so on. It works fine for a standard order processing, however when it comes to custom orders with requires item qty depletion, bundles and 3rd party integration – it does not do that out of the box. One of our customers is running a clinic and requested for a simple, easy to use custom order module to track their services (individual or bundles) as well as the qty and the depletion. We designed one that allows them to quickly add new orders by just filling out few mandatory fields such as selecting the bundle, payment method and adding few notes. Each bundle/item has a qty preset and allows the user to ‘use up’ or deplete certain items, for example, the client purchases a bundle of 5 SPA

VTiger 6 Customization: Convert/Generate Licenses from Sales Order/Invoice/Quote

September 18, 2017
  Every business has it’s own unique workflow and it is very likely that after the transaction has been made, there are steps to be taken to process the order. One of our customers is selling software with different types of licenses e.g locked, floating, annual, lifetime and requested to build an extension to VTiger Sales Orders which would allow to generate licenses for purchased products. To accommodate that, we added a button “Create License(s)”, which triggers a popup where the user can see the products on the sales order, specify expiration date and see additional information the the product. Once the user clicks to create licenses, it creates new license records (custom vtiger module) and connects to their licensing server via API to generate unique license key. This VTiger customization significantly improves the efficiency. Similar customizations can be added to invoices, quotes or any other module as each business

VTiger 7 Customization: Add/Create Opportunities from Mail Manager (Actions)

September 14, 2017
  Mail Manager for VTiger 7 has improved significantly compared to the previous versions. It’s more responsible, modern and a lot easier to navigate and manage emails. As in previous versions, Mail Manager has a feature (action) that allows users to create new records from the email e.g contact, organization, lead, tickets and activities. The only thing it is missing is an action to add new opportunities. To accommodate that, we added an action to “Add Opportunity” right from the Mail Manager. It opens a quick create modal popup and creates the opportunity + links the email message. That’s just one of the VTiger customizations we’ve done, if you are looking for a similar customization e.g adding other modules to Mail Manager or customizing it in any different way – please shoot us an email at help@vtexperts.com

VTiger 7 Customization: Convert Opportunities to Organizations, Invoices, Tickets & More

September 13, 2017
  VTiger 7 has new neat feature, which allows the Opportunity to be converted into a Project. In addition, it has an area where you can map the fields from Opportunity to Project (similar to Lead to Opportunity/Contact/Organization mapping). Opportunities are widely used in almost every business and each has it’s own way of handling them. One of our customers had a request to add an option to convert Opportunity to an Organization and Invoice. To accommodate that, we added a button “Convert to Organization” on the opportunity view. Once the button is clicked – it opens up a popup to fill out/verify mandatory fields before create new organization and invoice. We also added mapping area where the user can configure how the fields will map from one module to another, so no data has to be reentered. That’s just one of the VTiger customizations we’ve done – please give

VTiger 6 Customization: Add new Picklist Values while Creating a record (Without Going to Settings)

September 12, 2017
  Support for VTigers multiple fields types such as text, currency, picklist, multi-select, date and many more. These fields have to be created in administration panel, which we would expect to, however picklist/dropdown and multi-select fields also require administrator privileges to add selections. We came up with a solution, where you no longer need to go into “Picklist Editor” (which requires admin access) to create picklist/dropdown options, but instead – it can be done as you are editing or creating record in VTiger. We added a “Add New” as one of the picklist values and once selected, it will prompt the user to enter new value, which will be saved as a picklist option and will be available for everyone to be used going forward. That’s just one of the VTiger customizations we’ve done – please give us a call if you need such solution or anything else related to VTiger.

VTiger 7 Customization: Reconcile Invoices, Charges, Deposits & More

September 11, 2017
  VTiger has a great accounting suite built-in, however it’s lacking a reconciliation piece. One of our customers receives donations and deposits which have to be reconciled at the end of the month. To accommodate that, we built Deposit and Reconciliation VTiger modules, which allows them to record all the donations/deposits, by doing so – they input the amount for each. Next, reconciliation process starts – the user knows exactly how much they should have received for both deposits and donations and they start reconciling by inputting total amount and lookup all the donations/deposits that have not yet been reconciled. At the end of the day, the user will have reconciliation record with all the deposits linked as well as amounts matched. In case where totals don’t add up – we builtin an alert system, which will not allow to close reconciliation record unless the amounts match up to the

VTiger 6 Customization: “Click To Call” Functionality Compatible by Most Softphones

September 8, 2017
  VTiger and Asterisk/PBX integration can be challenging and requires a lot of resources (direct asterisk integration, extensions, server changes, etc..)  to get it right. We  have come up with a more simpler solution that converts phone number field into softphone compatible hyperlink also known as “Click to Call”. The phone call is triggered by “tel: xxxx” hyperlink and each phone field in all the VTiger views (list, detail and edit) has an icon can can be clicked to trigger the call on your softphone. It’s a very elegant and cost efficient solution to quickly place calls from VTiger using your own softphone or skype.   That’s just one of the VTiger customizations we’ve done – please give us a call if you need such solution or anything else related to VTiger.  

VTiger 7 Customization: Do not allow out of stock products to be added to Invoice/Sales Order

September 7, 2017
    Inventory management is a crucial part of every business. VTiger already has it built in and allows you to “in” and “out” inventory as the invoices, orders and purchase orders get created. Standard VTiger functionality warns you when the product you are adding is Out of Stock, however it does not prevent the user from adding it to the invoice or sales order – you can see where that might become a problem. We customized Invoice and Sales Order section to prevent out of stock products to be saved on the record. The way it works is – the user can still select the product and see that it’s out of stock, however once record is being saved – it will show a notification and will not allow the record to be saved until the product has been removed or quantity adjusted. In addition, the user can override

VTiger Customization for Public & Private Ticket Comments

September 6, 2017
  In the latest VTiger 7.0 release a feature was introduced which allows the comments to be set to Internal (private), meaning that only the users (vtiger) will be able to see the comment, while the portal users (contacts) will not. This feature is really helpful to restrict the visibility for the portal user and keep sensitive or technical details from the customer. One of our customers requested to enhance this feature where they would be able to slip the switch and set the comment to be internal (private) or external (public). In the standard VTiger, if the comment is set to internal or external – it can no longer be changed, however – we added the switch which allows that – see #1. Next, we added a “Post to Resolution” field, which basically creates a comment as well as updates “Solution” and “Status” fields on the ticket. This eliminates the

Multi Contact/Organization Relationship Field (stores multiple records)

September 5, 2017
  Standard Support for VTigers custom relationship fields for contacts, organizations and all the other modules. The standard functionality only allows to include ONE record in the field, meaning if you have a “Contacts” lookup field – you can only select one contact. We designed new custom UITYPES (field types) to address this issue. Using our new field types – you can now select multiple contacts or organizations into one relationship field. It is very convenient to add additional people (contacts or organization) that are potentially related to the record e.g project, opportunity, ticket and so on. That’s just one of the VTiger customizations we’ve done – please give us a call if you need such solution or anything else related to VTiger.  

Filter VTiger Records by Last Date Contacted

November 2, 2016
VTiger has a very sophisticated record activity/history log. On the contact, lead or organization you can see associated comments, activities(calls, meetings, todos), tasks, emails and updates. Each history log is associated with the date, however that date can not be filtered by. Say, if you need to find all the leads which had no email or comment activity within the last 30 days – currently, VTiger does not allow you to filter by activity history dates. We created a workflow that updates record “Last Date Contacted” with the date the last email was/activity or comment added. To take it step further, we also created fields to track individual activity type: Last Email Sent Date Last Email Opened Date (part of email tracking extension) Last Activity Date Last Comment Date Those fields are automatically and are available in filters and reports. That’s just one of the VTiger customizations we’ve done –