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Remove Quick Create And Summary Popup For Related Records From VTiger 7

June 17, 2018

Merging Data Into Conditional Popup/Alerts For VTiger

March 23, 2018
Conditional alert is the extension that allows to setup popup alerts while viewing, creating, or editing records in VTiger 7. The alerts can be based on the conditions of any fields in records related to then current one. So you can specify the status of a related record to impact another one. It has lot of other features like where do you want to give the alerts, or stopping users to create new records when a specific condition is met. We’re enhancing the functionality of Conditional popup/alerts extension for VTiger by adding the support for mapping data by simply using the short code for a field. For example, you can use $last_name$ to bring on the Last Name of the record, or to populate the conditional alert popup with email ID of the contact, $primary_email$ string will do the work. This mapping works with any of the field of the

New – “Actions” Button Column On Activity Reminder / Calendar Popup For VTiger 7

December 15, 2017
There’s a productivity centered extension Activity Reminder (Popup) for VTiger that gives reminders similar to Outlook. The reminder popup shows up automatically when the activity is due and displays current day’s activities with basic details such as subject, description, related to (contact, lead, organization, etc..) as well as Due In. We recently gave it a major upgrade and added the “Actions” button as a column to the reminder popup. Previously, those actions buttons were only accessible when you go to calendar > specific activity > and hover your mouse over it.   With the Activity Reminder (popup) extension, now users can edit, mark as done, and delete any activities without the need to visit the actual activity in the Calendar. When you open the reminder popup (extension button at the top right – needs the extension to be installed), you will see this new column named “Action”. The action buttons

VTiger Custom Filter Permissions (Assign Filter to Group/Role/User)

October 26, 2016
Filters in VTiger is most likely one most of most commonly used features. It allows you to create lists with different columns, sort and filter records. Current VTiger functionality allows filters to be set as default, listed in metrics and set as public. If you “Set Filler as Public” as public – it will be available for everyone to use it. In some cases not all filters would apply to all users and to accommodate that we customized VTiger filters to be assigned to certain group, role or an user. This allows system/department administrator to create filters and assign them to people who need to access it, without cluttering other users filter list. For any VTiger customization requests – please contact us via email or phone.    

Public & Private Comments in VTiger

October 25, 2016
Comments is one of the most commonly used modules in VTiger. It allows to create a  note/comment on any record, search and report by it. One of the common requests we get is to allow comments to be shared with just certain people or make them private all together. We customized VTiger Comments section and added ability to set comments as “Public” or “Private”. As part of the customization, we created a separate roles/group of people who can only see the “Private” comments, while all the other users can only see “Public” comments. In addition, we added ability to only show “Public” comments to customer portal users. This helps to keep the internal notes in the comments section and prevent your customers from seeing sensitive/irrelevant information. Each business uses comments slightly differently and this is a great example. Please contact us if you have any VTiger customization requests.    

Generating/Combining Master Invoices in VTiger

August 31, 2016
VTiger is a CRM, but also has some accounting elements such quotes, invoices & orders. Invoice functionality is as in any other accounting system – collect payments, export to PDF, mail or email it. If you are dealing with few invoices a month per customer – that might just work. However, if you end up with 10+ invoices that need to combined – we might be able to help. Currently, VTiger does not allow to combine multiple invoices into one “Master Invoice”, so we customized it to allow users to search for invoices using filters and select the ones that need to be combined and create one “Master Invoice”. We also added few custom fields to help keep track of the invoices combined. In addition, the “Master Invoice” will include all the items from the single invoices and will have a unique PDF template, which is easy to follow for the

VTiger & Sage 50 Integration – Sales/Purchase Order Import

July 26, 2016
VTiger & Sage 50 Integration Sales/Purchase Order Import   Sage is an accounting system used by many businesses around the globe and having it integrated with the CRM is crucial. There’s currently no extension that would enable seamless sync between Sage 50 and VTiger. We’ve worked with many accounting systems, such as, Xero, QuickBooks, Peachtree (Sage 50) and are very familiar what is involved in developing the integration between the two. VTiger CRM has exceptional quoting & invoicing capabilities as well as generating sales & purchase orders. However, it’s not ideal for accounting purposes and that’s why we created a custom export/import that gives the ability to transfer data from VTiger to Sage 50. The customization consists of 2 parts: Export Exporting VTiger Sales Orders Exporting VTiger Purchase Order Import Importing VTiger Sales Orders Importing VTiger Purchase Orders We added a button to each record “Export to Sage 50”. The button creates a file

Custom VTiger Widget to Add Phone Numbers & Comments

July 25, 2016
VTiger is loaded with predefined widgets to make the system more efficient and user friendly. Standard widgets are “Recently Modified”, “Dashboard”, “Google Maps”, “Tag Cloud”, and many more.. The widgets can be found on the left bar of the screen, which can be expanded or collapsed. One of our customers was in need of a custom VTiger widget which would provide the functionality to quickly add phone numbers & comments to leads, contacts, or debt records. The system had few custom modules such as “Phone Numbers” ( which allows to store unlimited number of phone numbers), “Debts” ( that enables to store debt information). If you are familiar with collection industry, you would be aware that tracking phone numbers and quickly going through them is critical. The Widget we designed allows the cold caller to pull up the record, select the claim/debt and add new phone numbers or comments without leaving the contact/lead/debt screen. The

Control Summary View Field Sequence/Order In VTiger

July 23, 2016
VTiger record view consists of two unique layouts – one is “Summary View” and the other is “Detail View”. Both views can display the fields configured. However, the two views are quite different when it comes to fields & columns. The Detail View comprises of 2 columns while Summary View has only one column. The limitation most users face is that for both views there’s only one way to organize the field sequence. Given that there’s a 2 column view where fields go Left to Right, versus in the one column view – it goes down. This is where the conflict in field sequence kicks in. If you are using both views, you would likely want to be able to separate the two and order the fields differently. Well, we’ve done it for you! One of our customers asked us to add a “Summary Field Seq” option in the “Field Editor” which overrides the standard field sequence

View Record Address On Google Earth within VTiger

July 20, 2016
VTiger CRM comes with pre-designed Google Maps widget which enables to view the addresses while looking for lead or contact records. The feature is great! However, its practical application has not much been observed since the zoom is not adjustable and you can’t see much more than a pin and surrounding area. We took the integration with Google Maps a step further and added functionality for users to view addresses on Google Earth. What we coded was basically a simple button “View on Google Earth” (at least it looks simple enough) next to each address block, which opens a modal popup (without leaving VTiger) and shows the zoomed picture of the house and the area. The tool is very helpful for businesses dealing with Solar Systems, Fences or any other exterior work that requires a glance of the property to do the quote or evaluate the conditions. Please send us an email or give us a call if you need

Receiving Purchase Order & Creating Assets in VTiger

July 19, 2016
Out of the box VTiger has a built-in Purchase Order handling tool that allows users to create Purchase Orders, print or email them to the Vendor as well as link them back to Sales Order or an Invoice. In addition, there’s logic behind each Status, e.g when the Purchase Order status is changed to “Received”, it will ‘receive’ the items and update the “Qty. On Hand” for each item/product. All of the functionality is great. However, it is missing one of the most important features – keeping track of received items/assets. We came up with a solution that not only allows users to update the “Qty. On Hand”, but also enables to enter the serial number for each item and create it as an asset. It also supports a bar code scanner, all the user has to do is to put the cursor on the first item box and start scanning – the serial numbers will be

VTiger Filters: “Assigned To” Equals To “Current/Logged In User”

July 15, 2016
Filters in VTiger is one of the most commonly used feature and often system admins are required to create filters that require condition “Assigned To”, which can cause a potential problem when there are too many users. The way VTiger works now is, if you were to create filters for each user in the system (with the Assigned To condition), you would have to create as many filters as there are users., and sometimes more (if multiple filters are needed). We came up with the special “Assigned To” condition “Is Current User”. It means: you can create one filter, set it as public and select the condition to be “Assigned To is Current User” instead of using the “Assigned To equals UserXXX”. This eliminates the need of creating duplicate filters – the condition will filter only the records that are assigned to “the Logged In user”. This is just one of the many customizations

New Widget in VTiger Calendar View (Additional Filters)

July 14, 2016
VTiger Calendar is great, but not perfect. As every software, there’s always room for improvement. One of the customers requested to add a special widget on the calendar view, so their managers could easily filter only the activities they need to see. If you look at the screenshot, you will see that the widget is embedded in the calendar view and allows a detailed search of events. Search fields are as follows: Organization Name (it’s an ajax/type ahead field, once you start typing – it will show possible matches) Status (activity status) Activity Type Assigned To (group/user assigned to activity) Such detailed search allows the customer to exclude the unnecessary activities/events/tasks from the calendar view and prioritize the day. This is one of the many customizations that we did – if you have an idea for implementation or need assistance with VTiger – please shoot as an email or give us

Customizing vTiger CRM for Your Business

April 30, 2015
Every business can benefit from having the right customer relationship management software. Unfortunately, many businesses settle for a standard installation that doesn’t really fit their needs. This results in data management that doesn’t always work. vTiger CRM customization helps make your business more efficient so you can grow your sales without wasting time.   vTiger CRM Customizations Improve Efficiency   Although vTiger CRM is a powerful platform, it doesn’t do everything you want out of the box. Since your business is unique, you need custom solutions that work for you. With a few customizations, you can improve all your processes and get closer to your goals. Just about everything within vTiger is fully customizable, from the look and feel to the most advanced functions. You can customize account settings, fields, automation, data organization, and much more. Whether you want to add new fields, configure outgoing emails, organize your data and