Collaboration tools by VTExperts for Vtiger CRM

November 24, 2022
Team collaboration is always an integral part of any business’s success. In this digital era, collaboration tools in CRM systems are a must-have. That is why VTExperts developed extensions that enhance the process of team communication. Moreover, these extensions also make collaboration within the team and with the customers easy. Let us check some of the advantages of effective collaboration tools by VTExperts for Vtiger CRM Benefits of collaborative tools Skill sharing The first and foremost important advantage of collaboration is skill sharing. It helps team members to share their feedback and skill with each other. Collaborating with different teams and within the team works as a learning experience. So, collaboration helps in sharing knowledge and skills. Problem Solving When you came across an issue and even after trying several approaches you are still not able to solve it. What should you do next? In such scenarios, you should use

Advantages of FAQ’s Section

November 11, 2022
In the current era of development, there are several ambiguities that one needs to clarify. Perhaps, in this fast pace of the race and some natural constraints, one can not afford to get the issue sorted in a huge time frame. To avoid time constraints and increase operational efficiency, we have FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). There is no denying the fact that the list of advantages of FAQ’s section is a long one. In the Corporate world we have different industries and so do different problems. To provide a quick solution, Companies now design a module/department that provides support. FAQs is a subdomain of this department. Issues that are usual, time-consuming and can easily be resolved, come under the FAQ. When a company provides some services, they do know what could be the possible issue that their target audience can face. How does FAQ help? To minimize the response time

How Vtiger CRM assists in Sales

August 3, 2022
In current corporate sector, CRM platforms are considered basic necessity for firms to manage their key functions. CRM helps to manage operations for almost every department. In this article, we will focus on the fact that how Vtiger CRM assists in sales process. As we know that Sales is one of those departments of a company that helps businesses and firms to grow. Sales department needs precise data to generate achievable goals. CRM helps to increase the proficiency of sales operations and generate revenue. Following are some of the advantages of using a CRM system for sales purposes. Advantages of using CRM for sales 1- CRM helps to boost the overall sales activities: With the help of CRM, you can check the past behavior of certain target audience. By utilizing the information created from raw data, you can easily recognize the interests and needs of your customer. Once you know

4 VTiger Extensions To Collaborate & Enhance Team Work

August 9, 2016
Business is a team work that you run with your strategies. Out of the team work and strategies, the later mostly depends upon your creativity as well as professional approach. You can enhance your strategies and strengthen them with experience. On the other hand, your team’s coordination is completely a different game that depends upon a lot of factors most of which are governable. One way to do so is by employing the best-suited tools and techniques that would boost the efficiency of your working party. You can accomplish a lot for your business with VTiger CRM, but you’ll be surprised how fruitful these 4 extensions can be towards the collaboration of your team.   VTiger Multi User Assignment   There is only one way to assign a record to multiple users in VTiger i.e. by forming a group of those users you want to put in, manually. We took

3 VTiger Extensions To Track Time & Stay On Top Of Support Tickets

August 2, 2016
As the competition grows, companies deploy more and more advanced tools and techniques to avoid time consuming tasks or get them done rather quickly. As VTExperts always brings on some outstanding customizations for your VTiger CRM, we also thought it would make it more convenient for you if we categorize some really valuable extensions. So we collected a series of 3 VTiger extensions that you can employ to save time and make things easier for support team.   VTiger Time Tracker – User Time Management [dt_highlight color=”green”]Click here for pricing, additional screenshots, video & live demo.[/dt_highlight] [dt_fancy_image type=”” style=”1″ lightbox=”1″ align=”right” padding=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_left=”0″ width=”” animation=”none” media=”” image_alt=”” hd_image=”” image=”https://www.vtexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/VTiger-Time-Tracker-Time-Logging.png”][/dt_fancy_image] VTiger Time Tracker Extension sounds like mere a time tracking customization. Yes, it allows users to keep track of time while working on important or otherwise assignments – but it does a lot more. It can run more than one timer,

3 VTiger Extensions For Your Company’s Sales Men & Managers

July 23, 2016
Sales team of a company plays chief role in its success, there is no doubt about that. But what if I tell you that they need your help to do so? There are a lot of steps you can take to achieve the purpose, and one of those is configuring the automations for the team. We decided to gather a list of 3 extremely helpful extensions of VTiger your sales team can surely find handy to boost the sales of a company.   VTiger Kanban View [dt_highlight color=”green”]Click here for pricing, additional screenshots, video & live demo.[/dt_highlight] [dt_fancy_image type=”” style=”1″ lightbox=”1″ align=”right” padding=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_left=”0″ width=”” animation=”none” media=”” image_alt=”” hd_image=”” image=”https://www.vtexperts.com/gifs/vtigerkanbannew.gif”][/dt_fancy_image] When looking for sales tools, one searches for software or extension that provide proper visibility throughout the sales pipeline, warn about potential hurdles, and suggest ways to close deals within the estimated time. That is exactly what

Develop And Design Attractive Documents With vTiger Proposal & Document Designer

July 17, 2016
A number of tools are available in market to write a couple of pages, few chapters, or even books with basic to professional formats. But when it comes to craft versatile content like extensive proposals, sales orders, quotes, invoices, or executive subject matter in a style, selection of the right tool can be tricky. Searching for the perfect software is itself a tiring task, let alone the additional processes including email integration with the desired customizations. The problem was addressed at vTiger’s and the team came up with the ultimate solution in the form of vTiger Proposal & Document Designer, along with the capability of Electronic Signature. The powerful vTiger extension has the potential to nimbly design professional, mobile friendly documents and proposals right from the vTiger CRM in minimum time. You can create highly striking executive documents, pamphlets, proposal, etc. that are more anticipated to convince leads and opportunities.

4 vTiger Extensions To Customize Your CRM’s Screen Layout

July 5, 2016
There must be many tools in the market to customize CRM layouts, so we put our best efforts in to make layout extensions unique and different. In addition to switching and swapping the positions of fields, vTiger’s extensions do lot more. We are presenting the catalogue of four vTiger extensions that will really boost up your team’s performance while polishing the CRM into a more user friendly software.   vTiger Conditional Layouts   This is a very distinctive extension from vTiger developers. With vTiger Conditional Layouts, adding unique layouts becomes possible. The system  administrator will configure secondary fields or blocks, that will appear after choosing an option from the primary fields. The executed option will lead to more specific and detailed information about the original subject. The extension carries vTiger Workflow capabilities with intuitive interface to configure conditions as well as fields to be shown, hidden, and made mandatory. Distinguishing Features:

Explore The New Opportunities With Vtiger Extension For Thunderbird

June 23, 2016
If you and your organization use one of the best email manager Mozilla’s Thunderbird, there is a great deal of options in Vtiger 7 for you. Vtiger 7 Thunderbird extension allows attaching emails to leads & contacts, import/export contacts and create records in Vtiger CRM from thunderbird. Limelight Features The information between Vtiger CRM and Thunderbird can be easily harmonized with Thunderbird extension of Vtiger. With this extension, you can: Attach Emails Create new contacts Create new leads Import/Export contacts Add new contacts or leads from thunderbird address book to Vtiger database And lot more. And all of these features can be availed without even the necessity to log in to your Vtiger 7 account. Learn more: Our new extension Corrensa is available with same features for Gmail, Outlook, and Office365. Thunderbird Extension’s Services The extension is designed for high tech business email administration and its features are not limited

VTiger “Forecast” Encloses All The Features A Company May Need To Manage Opportunities

May 12, 2016
Business development is a tricky trade, and it just does not only include grabbing new opportunities but also the smooth ongoing of a project till closure. How to execute the phenomenon as professionally as possible is yet another liability. Vtiger 7 approaches you with an exceptional hallmark, Forecast, which is extremely beneficial in predicting and planning the sales cycle from Pipeline to Closure. It predicts project fluctuations and relevant hazards and potential risks beforehand, saving a great deal of time, cost, and resources for the organization. Also, an organization’s past and current opportunities can also be managed with Forecast. All you need to know about Forecast extension and where you can get it: vTiger Sale/Opportunity Forecasts Note! This module is available only in Sales Professional and Ultimate edition. What does Forecast Do? Forecast predicts the prospects on the basis of the opportunities in hand of a Forecast Manager (A Sales Manager with a team