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VTExperts tools to help admins better manage Vtiger CRM

December 1, 2022
The system administrator is one of the most in-demand roles in the IT world. He has access to all the records of the CRM system. The primary duty of the CRM administrator is to maintain the integrity of the CRM system and ensure that the system is up and running. Vtiger CRM system provides some basic instruments, to help system administrators to better perform their duties. In this article, we will look at some of VTExperts tools to help admins better manage Vtiger CRM. First of all, we will go through some major responsibilities of a system administrator Responsibilities of the System administrator Make the system secure: On the prominent responsibility of a system admin is to make the system secure from any type of data breaches and hacking attempts. Setting up firewalls is also a part of making the system secure Preparing a contingency plan in case of system

How to Install/Setup and Configure vTiger Customer Portal Module

August 18, 2022
vtiger customer portal
One of the really useful features of vTiger is the Customer Portal Module. vTiger Custom Portal Module allows your contacts(customers) to login and see information such as Tickets, Invoices, Quotes, Documents, Contact & Organization information. vTiger Customer Portal modules does not come standard with the install and requires some skill to install, configure and set it up. Configure vTiger Customer Portal Module Permissions The first thing you will need to do is configure permissions. To do so, go to “CRM Settings” > “Other Settings” > “Customer Portal”. Privileges – The selected role field permissions will be applied to the Customer Portal user. For example, if you setup the Role so it can not modify specific field – the same permissions will be applied to the Customer Portal Users. Default Assignee – Tickets will be Assigned to the selected Assignee by the default Group/User from the Customer Portal. Portal URL – The URL

Advance Customer Portal by VTExperts

May 27, 2021
Customer portal plays a vital role in engaging customers and providing them with a place, where they can find account specific information. Vtiger CRM also allows to establish a customer portal, through which companies can interact with the clients. Vtiger CRM default support portal provides a number of different features like viewing tickets, enabling charts, announcement etc. A good customer portal can yield great results. Hence we offer a great tool in the shape of, Advance Customer Portal by VTExperts. We VTexperts believe on doing more for our customers. That is why we developed Advanced Customer Portal, in which we incorporated additional features that can do wonder for the businesses. Some of these features are setting the starting and ending date of portal support, setting privileges for the modules, adding customized modules etc.       Glimpse of Customer Portal Configurations Following image just provide the glimpse of Advance Customer

Setup VTiger Customer Portal On Your Website

November 28, 2016
No one can deny the power of good customer service, business firms are yielding high profits only because of their exceptional customer service while offering the same product quality as their competitors. A good customer service can impact your customer perception about the product and has the power to enhance the image of your offering to your valued clients. It is an aspect of business where a little input can do wonders and you can easily surpass the expectations of your clients on a positive note.   “Customer service is an opportunity to exceed your customer’s expectations” – John Jantsch, president at duct tape marketing While designing customer service programs, make sure to incorporate enthusiastic and motivated human resource in this department, because HR matters more than financial resources. Invest in your customer service and witness the wonders happening. Vtiger 7 Customer Portal Champ of Customer Service in Virtual World

Specs Of VTiger’s Customer Portal

November 23, 2016
If we look at the past customer service trends, the normal behavior of firms regarding customer service was to develop a separate department whose duty is to cater customer’s queries and complaints. But, with the developing business culture, we can witness a major shift in customer service practices. It is considered to be an attitude rather than a job formality. Customer Service is not a Department; It is an Attitude On the customer side buying behavior is also very complex nowadays. They consider a number of different aspects before making a purchase and customer service is one of them. Take a look at the telecom industry; Samsung and HTC two mobile manufacturing giants provide almost same features on their cell phones. But, while deciding which phone to buy, customers give good enough weight to their customer services. Same is the case if we compare Thai airways and Emirates, a big

VTiger’s Customer Portal

November 13, 2016
Customer service is one of the most integral part of an organization. Unsatisfied customers mean a huge loss to business. It is the biggest reality of today’s business environment that only those firms perform well who cater their customers in the best possible way. “Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement” Customer satisfaction plays such a vital role in the business culture that some firms improve their customer up to the extent that it becomes a POD (point of differentiation) for them. Without a doubt, it is a potential area which can be turned into a competitive edge of a firm. The list of benefits of a satisfied customer is a long one, some of them are quoted below: –    Excellent customer service yields repeated business, a satisfied one will do business again with your firm. –    A satisfied customer will advertise your business, a positive word of

An Advance Guide About VTiger’s Customer Portal’s Functionality

April 29, 2016
Customer Portal is a highly customizable tool of Vtiger 7, with which you can facilitate your clients by providing remote support. With this portal, users can report cases, view Knowledge Base (FAQs), Invoices, Quotes, Products, Services, Documents, Contacts, Accounts, Assets, and Projects related to them and their organizations if any, all without any assistance of a support officer. You can read more about Vtiger 7’s Customer Portal and the opportunities it provides in this article: Customer Portal Is A Vastly Customizable Platform For Remote Solutions. Login To avail the endless opportunities provided by the portal, users need to login to the account using the URL, username, and password received via email. Once logged in, the main screen of portal will be displayed in front of the user These following sections comprise the main screen: Announcement Widget Charts Widget Recent Cases Record Widget Support notification Portal Shortcuts Widget Recent FAQ Record

VTiger Customer Portal Establishment On A Website And Enabling Or Disabling It For Contacts

April 28, 2016
While we had thoroughly discussed the Customer Portal’s basic setup for Vtiger 7’s dashboard in this article, the versatility and customizability of the tool to a company’s requirements was also explained. As much as the Portal is productive, it would be of no use if your company’s clients cannot reach it. The best possible way to do so is to host the customer portal on your company’s website. So it would be accessible to the customers when they’d visit the site. How is the Customer Portal Hosted on a Website? As much as it sounds complicated, the task is no rocket science, as Vtiger 7 has made it easiest as it could be. The procedure is explained here step by step: First of all download this product Then you need to modify the config file (<web root>/portal/ $site_URL : CRM instance path $CompanyName : Enter the name of the company

VTiger Customer Portal Is A Vastly Customizable Platform For Remote Solutions

April 24, 2016
There is a platform in Vtiger 7, Customer Portal, where users can get solutions for most of the problems and issues distantly. To reach the customer portal, no help from the customer care is required, which boosts the resolution system. This platform can also be termed as Customer Self-Service Portal, as users can report cases, view Knowledge Base (FAQs), Invoices, Quotes, Products, Services, Documents, Contacts, Accounts, Assets, and Projects related to them and their organizations if any, all without any assistance of a support officer. Note! Customer Portal is available for Support Professional and Ultimate Edition users only The arrangement of the fields and categories of Customer Portal is governed and regulated by the Administrator. Sequence of the tabs and showing/hiding them from the portal is controllable. The ability of a customer to reach modules, fields and their data can also be granted or denied. Moreover, a default assignee to watch over cases and

Vtiger 7’s Customer Portal Is Loaded With Features To Succour You And Customers

April 2, 2016
To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one. In the current era of sales and services, giants like Amazon and UPS have set top notch standards. So users tend to avoid companies, not furnishing next to the best customer service departments. So keeping up with the pace is getting tougher as seconds go by. Typically, most of the companies channel customer care via phone and email, which sometimes satisfy the demands. But while solving persisting issues, a business requires more than mere phone and email support. Long wait, service with continuous interruptions, and tenacious absence of straightforwardness, certainly create gaps between best and you. It doesn’t only bother the customers, but teams also suffer a lot. Vtiger 7’s Customer Portal provides the users with the authority to self-serve, connect with, and keep track of the issue rectification process. As the upshot, customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty

vTiger Customer Portal Demo

July 11, 2014
Customer Portal VTiger Customer Portal is a controlled, private, and secure platform that allows your customers to interact with their related records in CRM as well as your team. The Contacts and Organizations can access their tickets, invoices, assets, product details and order information, calendars, and what not. It also allows the Portal users (Contacts and Organizations) to easily search, view, and edit their relevant information in the VTiger CRM. The Customer Portal also enhances customer relationships by providing access to complete and up-to-date information 24/7. The Customer Portal is convenient and relevant – it contains everything that customers need in one place online. Through the well-designed customer portal, we provide customers only to access to the modules and records that is needed. Features of Customer Portal Here is a list of some of the most prominent features of VTiger Customer Portal: Controlled and secure access to Customer data from