How To Automate Data Entry In VTiger

October 31, 2016
One of the most critical factors which can be used to determine how well an organization is performing is the quality of data they are sorting. Firms who are more efficient at gathering of quality data always have a competitive edge on others. Data entry is not only an integral part of a business firm’s but, it plays an important in every race of life like hospitals use the data entry to a very high extent. Well, data entry means inputting data into computers. Usually, it is a common point of view that data entry means recording data into the computer from the physical records. But, that is not the case, data entry means storing data into a system from any other systems like mobile applications, emails, internet forums and even physical records. One of the key features of a CRM is data entry, almost every CRM facilitates the data

An Introduction To VTiger – Zapier Integration

October 30, 2016
When we look at real life scenarios, it is not hard to notice that only those people influence others more, who have great communication skills. Same is the case with business firms, an organization with superior communication setups yield far greater profits than ordinary ones. How better communicating process helps business firms? Well, there are numerous reasons behind this phenomenon, but I will like to quote some of those: A better communication process helps business to identify their needs more effectively and take decisions accordingly Good communication leads to comprehending the customer needs with more accuracy and then respond to them with product they want Effective communication model increases the productivity of employees and helps in maintaining better relationships among them Customer service depends on upon how efficiently firm’s representative can communicate with the customers, so in this regard organizations with strong communication image gets a competitive edge. We can

Vtiger 7 and Zapier Together Are The Ideal Way For Sending Data To The Most Frequently Used Applications

March 15, 2016
Most, if not all, of the Vtiger 7 users employ several apps to multiply the efficiency. Like for accounting purposes, people use Xero. While on the other hand, sales personals will be using for communication. Sometime operation performed by one app is the prerequisite for the task which will be completed by another app. To aid you in every department, Vtiger7 also provides a feature by which it can be inter-linked with Zapier. This integration allows Vtiger 7 to connect with more than 400 apps of the other party. An example of this attribute is that whenever a person comment on facebook, an automatic lead is generated for each and every business card that is scanned by your sales force. Now we will take a hypothetical business of event management of mediocre size, and use apply this functionality. Hayway is an event management company and made good profits during

Three Effective Tools Vtiger7 Provide To Automate The Process Of CRM Data Entry

March 11, 2016
One of the most common ironies of current era is that too many resources are wasted by companies on easy tasks as data entry. In some scenarios, it is observed that the most valuable resources of the companies with huge potential of progress are just lavished away in the process of entering data into spreadsheets and other databases. If the same energetic talent is invested in some other productive activities rather than entering data manually in the spreadsheets, then obviously better results can be achieved. Further addition to the misery, the manual data entering mode is observed to cause different types of typo and missed data point. These errors are leading to the generation of faulty reports, thus causing damage to the efficiency and credibility of the database. Here comes Vtiger7 to save you from the hustle of entering data manually. It automatically updates the records whenever you receive data