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Advantages of FAQ’s Section

November 11, 2022
In the current era of development, there are several ambiguities that one needs to clarify. Perhaps, in this fast pace of the race and some natural constraints, one can not afford to get the issue sorted in a huge time frame. To avoid time constraints and increase operational efficiency, we have FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). There is no denying the fact that the list of advantages of FAQ’s section is a long one. In the Corporate world we have different industries and so do different problems. To provide a quick solution, Companies now design a module/department that provides support. FAQs is a subdomain of this department. Issues that are usual, time-consuming and can easily be resolved, come under the FAQ. When a company provides some services, they do know what could be the possible issue that their target audience can face. How does FAQ help? To minimize the response time

Knowledge Base Extension For VTiger – New Release

December 25, 2018
knowledge base extension for VTiger
Companies move their infrastructure around particular tools, whatever they find feasible. Some prefer accounting software, others go for ERP, while some standardize CRM. Whichever the tool of choice is, they tend to revolve everything around it. Knowledge Base – New Release If your tool of choice is CRM > VTiger, we have released this extension with the name “Knowledge Base”. Knowledge Base for VTiger helps in managing internal documentation, user guides, instructions, quick information, ongoing campaigns, or any kind of documents meant for internal use. It also supports creating as many categories as required using standard Picklist in FAQs. This profound idea is not restricted here; the extension works as an overlay popup. That means accessing the Knowledge Base does not close the page you were on before clicking it. You can read all that you want – closing the Knowledge base overlay will bring you back to exactly where

Knowledge Base Extension

December 3, 2018
Knowledge Base This extension was designed to allow users to access internal documentation more easily. Very easy to use navigation/interface accessible from any page in VTiger. In addition, you can open and close it while editing/creating records. It does not loads a new page and keeps you on the current page. It basically opens a popup/overlay, meaning that you can open and close it while editing/creating records. In knowledge base you can put any of your internal documentations/FAQ’s. It has instant + smart search, where the results will be displayed as you type. We added custom search logic to find only relevant articles. It will give you all the articles that have subject or description that contains the searched query. The plugin itself is fully customizable. You can create your own category, set limits on articles, configure custom permissions and much more. In this article we will go over a simple