vTiger PBX Manager

Managing all of your customer data requires great platforms that work together. It’s rare to find one program that will do everything. Luckily, vTiger CRM allows for full integration with a variety of other systems. The vTiger PBX Manager module gives your business the ability to better interact and connect with your customers. It also gives you complete ability to collect data and manage all of your leads and interactions. We can perform the integration you need to make your systems more efficient.

Your business chooses a telephony application to improve your lines of communication with your customers. Of course, having a great system in place won’t save you much time if you don’t integrate it with your vTiger . With vTiger PBX Manager, you can connect your CRM to a variety of phone systems, including FreePBX, Elastix, and more. With PBX Manager, you are able to use vTiger to place outgoing calls and receive notifications of incoming calls. This allows you to manage all of your customer relationships more efficiently.

Integrating vTiger with your phone system requires the proper configuration to make sure you are able to take advantage of all the features. In order to integrate, you will need:

  • A proper installation of vTiger CRM
  • A running Asterisk system
  • Valid extensions and softphone configuration
  • A configuration that makes vTiger and Asterisk visible to each other

Our vTiger PBX Manager configuration will ensure your system meets the requirements to integrate your CRM platform with your telephony system. By doing so, you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits that will improve your workflows and allow you to capture more data and leads. With vTiger PBX integration, you will be able to:

  • Initiate calls directly from vTiger by clicking on phone number links
  • Get notifications in vTiger whenever an incoming call is on the way
  • Have access to all past calls within the PBX Manager module
  • Create user extensions
  • Associate a particular call with a specific contact, organization, or lead within the activity history

There are many obvious benefits of integrating your CRM with your telephony system. When your platforms operate independently of each other, you can easily miss out on important customer data. This can cost you conversions and hurt your customer relationships. With integrated systems, you will be able to track everything you need to make your business run smoothly. Contact us today for complete vTiger PBX Manager services that will help your business reach your goals.