vTiger Workflow

Improving business workflow is one of the top reasons companies decide to implement the vTiger platform. However, simply installing vTiger is not a magic bullet for more revenue and better customer relationships. If you really want to improve your workflow, you need to have experience working with vTiger. We can help you set up and configure vTiger workflows in order to improve your overall communication and sales processes.

vTiger comes with many powerful options for creating workflows that will automate many of your business tasks and improve your sales cycles. vTiger Workflow automation can save your company a lot of time and money. In order to take advantage of these automations, you need an experienced vTiger expert on your side. With the proper set up and configuration, you can create workflows that will automatically:

  • Send emails
  • Update fields
  • Create activities, projects, or events
  • Enable new modules
  • Create new records

Many of the tasks you can automate with vTiger are otherwise time consuming and tedious. With vTiger workflows, you can choose how and when to schedule these processes. Setting up workflows in vTiger requires three main components: scheduling workflows, adding conditions, and adding tasks.

In order to schedule workflows, you need to choose conditions that determine when processes will run. These conditions will automatically trigger updates and changes. Basic workflow scheduling conditions include:

  • Only on first save
  • By the first time the condition is true
  • Every time the record is saved
  • Every time the record is modified
  • On Schedule

Additionally, you can also schedule workflows to trigger at a certain time of day, week, month, etc.

After scheduling your workflows, you will need to enable advanced conditions in order to give you more control over which records are updated. Selecting the right conditions can help you better maintain your records and data. For example, you may establish conditions that only operate according to a certain status (such as “qualified leads”). This will allow you to automatically update only specific records instead of everything in your database.

Our vTiger workflow experts have set up thousands of workflows for hundreds of different companies. No matter what type of process you are looking to automate, we can help you find the right solution. When you want to save time and money, vTiger is the ultimate platform for your business. Contact us today to get your vTiger workflows up and running the right way.

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