VTiger & Xero Integration: A Strong Foundation For A Company’s Accounts

November 18, 2016
Financials and accounts are the backbone of a business, its importance can be determined from the fact that every business needs accounts reporting and check n balance. Well-kept financials can help a business firm in a number of ways. For example, managing the cash flows of the firm, from where they are earning and the points where they are spending. Forecast about how any units you will sell in the future is determined by evaluating the revenue and sales of past years. The story does not end here; accounts can also be used to manage internal affairs of a firm. For example, using an accounting software to estimate how much tax your firm will pay this year, or what percentage of the total amount will be paid as direct and indirect tax Calibrating wages, or the distribution of bonuses can also be done using such softwares. Accounting and CRM To

VTiger 7 and Xero Integration Is The Ideal Simultaneity Solution For Sales, Support, And Accounts Departments

April 10, 2016
How much time does it take to review product prices?  Your company’s accounts section and your team have worked their wits out preparing proposals for the new fiscal year. You had to observe market trends, predict customer’s mind, analyze purchase history, determine the goals and all the while keep an eye on the competitors. Your hard work pays off truly if the deal done by your sales team is according to the latest price lists the same day your proposal is approved. Your company might offer better quotations than your rivals and this works to your advantage. It is possible only if all the sections are coordinated well and updates are available to each and every person on the go. You require contact information that is collected by marketing section; you require data to help eradicate the flaws but it can be obtained from technical support personnel; the exchange of