vtiger 7 crm

Progress Bar – New Extension

November 6, 2018
There’s barely anything this visual, easy, and practical in VTiger summary and detail views, as Progress Bar. It is designed to add more visibility and allow instant updates for the configured “progress” (stage/status) field.   Progress bar for VTiger 7 is displayed in the header of each record. The bar displays all values from a selected picklist as well as the current value for specific record. The values/stages are also clickable – where clicking a stage/status changes the picklist value – just like that. The record gets updated when user clicks on progress bar value.   Progress Bar for VTiger 7 can be configured on any module (as long as it has picklist field). The simplistic design allows users to easily see the stage the record is in and update with a single click.   Adding a Progress Bar to any module is pretty easy. You can simply go to

Kanban View Extension For VTiger 7 – Performance Enhancement

September 5, 2018
Kanban View for VTiger is an extension with which you can easily create dynamic “cards” to visualize your workflow. Each module, e.g. Opportunities, Tickets, Tasks, Projects can be configured to have different sets of fields on the card as well as the “grouping/primary field“. Kanban view is mostly used to collaborate with team and manage sales opportunities, tickets, projects, tasks or any other list of records. All of this can be done using Drag n Drop and you can move a record among different stages.   The Kanban button was moved to the “Lists” section in every module in VTiger, instead of the button, which used to show on every module.   The Kanban only gets loaded now, when the Kanban filter is clicked on the then currently opened module. This saves a lot of resources and makes page loading very faster as the Kanban resources are not called unless

Log Employee Times Automatically Into Time Sheets With Time Tracker

September 2, 2018
The Timesheet extension enables the VTiger users to track employee/user time, visually. It basically allows users to log time spent on particular tasks, with their exact duration. These time logs can then be associated with any record within VTiger. This extension supports custom periods, which allows to adjust the length of the period suitable for the business hours. The time records can then be locked to prevent any further modifications. It also automatically calculates the Totals and show them in an easily understandable manner. Lastly, the admins can import/export the data, run reports, or create workflows using these time records as well as run reports. So, this is a must-have extension for payroll management and tracking the time spent (how and where) by contractors. We have further enhanced the efficiency of Timesheets by making it compatible with another very useful tool of ours, Timetracker. It allows showing and hiding the

Smooth Loading Of Advanced Comments In VTiger 7

August 30, 2018
VTE Advanced Comments extension for VTiger takes the Comments in VTiger to a whole new level. It adds the options to do Rich text comments, mention other users using @ tagging feature and send the tagged users email notifications. It also allows users to enable the Conversation view of comments, configure the conversation view to your requirements, and categorize the comments using picklists. You can also add notes using another text field available in the comments because of the VTE Advanced Comments extension. You can also search for content in the comments. Recently, we made a huge performance upgrade to load the advanced comments even faster. Previously, it used to be 4 steps till the advanced comments were loaded properly. We implemented several modifications to bring the loading process down to 1 step. That means faster page loading, smooth UI, and easier access to the records. The whole process is