How To Upgrade VTiger From Version 6.4 To 6.5

October 14, 2016
The dynamics of current business practices are changing at a rapid speed and due to these frequent variations in processes and procedures, the need of new and improved features is escalating. VTiger in the regard of upgradations is doing an exceptional job. VTiger philosophies regarding bringing an update are solely based on providing more assistance to the customer. This guide is tended for users who want to upgrade their VTiger CRM from version 6.4 to 6.5. Users looking for upgrades of previous versions can visit this link. While performing an update on the VTiger CRM, we recommend to seek assistance of an expert. We, at VTiger Experts, provide solutions to every problem related to VTiger CRM including upgrades and we feel proud to deliver our services. But, if you want to do it alone, this guide is for you. Note: This guide is specific for Upgrading VTiger 6.4 to VTiger 6.5. 1.

Upgrade Guide: VTiger 6.2 To VTiger 6.3

June 23, 2016
This guide will walk you step by step through the procedure of migration of VTiger 6.2 to VTiger 6.3. As the process is known to be pretty technical and quite complicated, you might want to get an expert for the procedure. We, here at VTExperts, provide all VTiger related services including Upgrading CRM from any to any version. But considering that you may feel to give a go at it by yourself, we are glad to explain the procedure in thorough details here. The following step-by-step guide is applicable only for the Upgrade from VTiger 6.2 to VTiger 6.3.   Create a Backup of VTiger Database It’s very important for the obvious reasons; you’d not lose your important data in case things go south.   Acquire the Patch File for VTiger 6.3 Upgrade Now you’ll need the Patch that contains the necessary files. You can download the patch from VTiger’s official page or here’s