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An Overview Of VTiger’s Social Module

November 2, 2016
Competition among the business firms is becoming fierce day by day and the speed of this changing business environment is more than ever. When a business environment changes, it means that several new players, numerous new tools emerge, and firms which fail to adapt to these changes are Gone with the Wind. In the past, a new business tool emerged whose importance is rising with every passing day and almost every organization is in pursuit of incorporating that tool in their businesses to raise their benefits and the name of that tool is social media. It is a platform which can impact greatly in the process of shaping the image of a brand in people’s opinion. The question arises what do social media offers that made it so lucrative for the business firms. While in past the most common point of interaction between the business firm and the clients was

VTiger’s Modern Social Module Refines Support, Marketing, And Sales

April 7, 2016
Users make and break brands. And with the current modes of communications at disposal, it happens rapider than expected. Until a few decades, customer could not have thought of actually interacting with a representative of a company, but the sales rep only. Then the system evolved giving clients the facility to at least make the companies listen them out. Recent criteria for customer support were also not challenging enough for businesses, which let users to register their complaints and organizations had to fix those. Modern system of customer care is getting more responsive, active, and reliable. Tough competition and social media awareness are the sources of this outcome. Past stories clearly state that it’s not going to be the same. People are going to judge at social media, companies then will try harder to meet their needs, top players like Amazon and Fedex have already raised their standards. And it