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ERP VS CRM and Vtiger

June 4, 2021
ERP (Enterprise resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) both are automated systems that are used to streamline and automate business processes. The difference between both the systems is areas of business where they are implemented. CRM is used to streamline front end processes of a business, while ERP is used to increase the efficiency of back end processes. Usually ERP covers alot more aspects then a CRM and in some cases the CRM used by organizations are actually a subset of their ERP. Vtiger is a great CRM system, but extensions make it more than a CRM system. This article analyzes, ERP VS CRM and Vtiger. This article analyzes, ERP VS CRM and Vwhere does Vtiger stands. ERP is used to manage overall business processes including supply chain, manufacturing, reporting, operations, human resource and accounting. It uses a centralize database to streamline the processes and workflows among the different departments of

Some Basics About VTiger’s Module Builder

November 8, 2016
Some of the needs of the business firms are identical like every business will have some contacts, will generate receipts, offer a product or service etc. But, ever business will be different from others in some aspects, for example, may be a business belongs to the tech industry, while the other is performing operations in FMCG sector. So, the requirements of both the businesses will be different and because their business model is not the same. Even if take a look at two banks operating in the financial sector, it is not hard to observe that although their product types are similar but not the same. So no one can deny that the need of every business is different. Diversity of a CRM Different CRM available in the market claim that can cater your all needs, but the reality is that if you purchase an ordinary CRM it will hardly

The Aspiring “Module Builder” Feature of VTiger 7

March 20, 2016
Every business has different set of demands according to the nature of the business; one cannot think that the requirements of two businesses are 100% identical. So the Vtiger 7 CRM brings you a feature using which you can create a basic module depending on the requirement of your businesses and the nature of your dealings. Not only you can create a custom module but also you can design and add custom blocks and fields to your module. You can also develop a relationship of one custom module with the others. Note: Module builder can be availed in Sales Professional, Support Professional, and Ultimate Edition. Sales and Support Professional editions allow building 10 each, while Ultimate edition lets you create 25 extra modules. Sales Starter edition is required to be upgraded to utilize Module builder. Note: Only Administrators can create and avail custom modules. More about Modules and Relationships can be found in