Data Duplication & VTiger CRM

May 11, 2021
Data Duplication is a problem that is faced by almost every business organization. Especially in case a firm is handling their database using a CRM, duplication of data can cause major problems. For example, two of your sales staff members got intact with a same person, both of them generated two different contacts of the same person in the CRM and both of them started to pursuit the same opportunity separately. Firstly, it gives a bad impression to the client that the people of same organization are persuading him/her independently for the same opportunity. Moreover, it is a wastage of resources and time of the business as two of the staff members are working on the same lead. Similarly, data duplication & Vtiger CRM go hand in hand Problems that data duplication causes Data duplication causes following threats Inefficient business processes: Duplicate data makes the business process inconsistent. It makes the

VTiger providing SMS marketing

April 21, 2021
  SMS is a major source of communication all around the globe. It is one of the oldest and most frequently used texting technology. Marketers use SMS to reach their potential clients.  It is common practice of people to avoid marketing emails by setting up filters. Here comes SMS in play and bypass filters. The reason behind using the SMS is to conduct close range marketing practices. They are used to let your customers know about the instant offers with-in a vicinity. Vtiger is providing SMS feature for marketing anf other communication purposes. Another major advantage that SMS is that, with-in three minutes of delivery 90% of the texts are read. This shows how good of a marketing medium SMS is for the marketers. That is why, VTiger is providing an excellent tool for SMS marketing Following are some of the benefits of using SMS in marketing practices. Text messages