VTE Reports

Adding Upcoming Activities Widget to the Dashboard

June 8, 2021
Using the Vreports and dashboards, you can set up the upcoming events widget for all the user. At the main dashboard, you can add a shared upcoming activity widget and can also design seperate dashboards for different users and show the upcoming events related to that user only. Adding Upcoming Activities widget to the Dashboard, lets the user of the CRM check what activites are coming ahead, so they can better plan their day. Let’s take a practical example and see, How does it works. Using the admin user, I will create a dashboard for a user “Chris Garcia” and will set up an upcoming activity widget for the user that will show only the details regarding the upcoming activities for Chris Garcia Creating an upcoming activity report for the a specific user Go to Vreports and Dashboard and add a detailed report Configure the report and make sure to

Allow VTiger Users To Edit VTE Advanced Reports

May 31, 2018
VTE Reports is an advanced module that fulfills all the requirements of VTiger users that are missing in the standard VTiger Reports. You can check all the features of VTE Reports extension for VTiger 7 and VTiger 6 in Product page We’ve added a tiny but extremely useful and requested feature, where you can allow other users to edit reports. Previously, a report could only be edited by the owner. Moreover, standard VTiger Reports do not support it. How to Allow Other Users to Edit Reports To do so, in the Edit mode of a report, move down to the step where “Report Owner” and “Sharing” are selected. You can now see a new checkbox saying “Allow To Edit”. Check this box to allow other users, who have access to the report, to edit and save it.     More information on the feature and how to configure VTE Reports

Schedule Reports To Non VTiger Users By Adding Email Addresses In VTiger 7

May 24, 2018
As most of you are already familiar with the Advanced Reports Extension for VTiger 6 and VTiger 7 , this is the module that more than 85% of our clients use. We make sure we are regularly upgrading our extensions to meet your requirements. Using VTE Reports extension for VTiger, you can configure and send the scheduled reports regularly to any email address, even if he/she is not a user in your VTiger CRM. How to Send Scheduled Reports to Non VTiger Users To do so, in the edit mode of a report, you need to go to scheduling section of reports. This is the one where you can configure frequency of the outgoing reports as well as time and recipients. At the bottom, you will find the “Additionals” field. In the “Additionals” field, you can add as many email addresses as you want (separated by commas). Once configured, those

Run Pivot/Matrix Reports In VTiger 7

April 17, 2018
Professional Reports  is a tool built to fulfill the needs of all the businesses looking to run complicated, but easy to read reports. It includes a report builder which is capable of creating detailed, summary, pivot, chart reports. All the charts and reports can be placed on the dashboard for quick & easy access. How to Run Pivot/Matrix Reports Go to the Menu >> VTE Reports and click on the “Add Report” button.     Enter the Name, Description, Module and the Folder     Here we can Sum, Average, Min and Max values when working with invoices. For this example we only use Total.     Here you can change the label of the Total.     Here we have the ability to create Rows and Columns for Matrix Reports.     Here we can filter our Reports Status.     Configure Report sharing(For this example we use Public). Then we can use Frequency for schedule Reports.     Here we