Marketing Objectives Affect Pricing Decisions

February 15, 2017
Marketing objectives are internal factors that affect pricing decision. Before setting price, the firm must decide on its price strategy for their goods. If the company has already selected its target market and positioning attentively, then its marketing mix strategy, with price, will be comparatively straightforward. For example, when Toyota developed its Lexus brand to compete with European luxurious cars in the higher-income segment, and it required charging a high price. Thus, pricing strategy is mainly determined by decisions on market positioning. Meanwhile, the company may search further general or specific objectives. General objectives include survival, market share leadership, current profit maximization, and product quality leadership. At a more specific level, a company can set prices low to avoid competition from entering the market or set prices at their competitors’ level to stabilize the market. It can set prices to keep the support and faithfulness of resellers or to stay

Benefits Of QuickBooks (Desktop) Integration With VTiger

February 8, 2017
The current business environment is becoming more competitive with every passing day, but on the other side if we observe most of the new ventures fail to perform operations and go bankrupt even in the first six months of their inauguration. There are multiple reasons behind these failures and some of the prominent explanations to this phenomena include lack of funds, unprofessional behavior, limited resources etc. When we look at the performance of small scale business firms the biggest hurdle they face is limited resources, even with great planning they fail to achieve the desired results because of fund restriction. But the smart professionals incorporate solutions which are cost effective and tweak them as per their needs to get high results. One of such cost-effective tool from which small scale business are benefiting at a large scale is QuickBooks Desktop.   Statistics show that 8 out of 10 new businesses

VTiger Sales Insights

February 6, 2017
A group of different departments works together on a single client in order to yield profit. In order to make a valued client happy, right from the start when the process of initiating the customer takes place  to the provision of after sales service to the client a number of different people who belong to different departments put their endless efforts. Out of all the departments (sales, marketing, human resource, accounts etc), Sales is the department who needs special care as they carry the most burden in whole process of satisfying the customer. Managing this department is a job which requires extensive efforts and deep insights regarding the performance of the whole team. Sales rep is the unit of this department and they play one of the most important role and that is engaging the customer and providing them with what they need.   You don’t close a sale, you