Vtiger Keeps The Google Contacts and Calendar Events Synchronized With The CRM Account

May 29, 2016
There is no need to explain how important it is to keep your CRM and its database up-to-date. And Vtiger 7 has lot of aspects that require constant synchronizations. Two of those aspects are Google contacts and calendar events. Synchronize your contacts and calendar events Gmail is among the top email services being used for professional practices and sales operations, and there is a good chance that your company resort to it too. Managing your Gmail contacts and calendar events can be difficult and Vtiger 7 doesn’t leave you alone when times are tough. With Vtiger 7, you can constantly synchronize the contacts and calendar events from your Gmail to the Vtiger CRM and vice versa. Note! Our latest product Corrensa can be installed as Gmail extension. With Corrensa you can synchronize your Gmail contact details right from your Gmail screen. Managing tools for sales process on multiple applications is

Understanding The Basics Of Vtiger’s Gantt Chart

May 28, 2016
The horizontal bar chart in Project management, that displays stats of a programmed Project Task details that aids in planning, coordinating, and tracking precise tasks in a plan, is known as Gantt chart. Where to look for Gantt Chart In Vtiger 7, visit the record view of the Project Module in Project Management App to view Gantt Charts. Criterion for the Gantt Chart to Appear A Gantt Chart requires a Start Date as well as an End Date of the Project Task in order to appear in the Vtiger 7. Editing a Project Task record under Gantt Chart In a Gantt Chart Project Task record, press the Edit button to modify the record. Can I reorder the Gantt Chart on a particular Project Task? No, there is no option provided to rearrange the Project Task records Is the date field of a specific Project Task from a Gantt Chart adjustable? Yes! To adjust the

For Sales Pipeline Management, Vtiger 7’s Kanban View Is The New Black

May 27, 2016
Are you missing updates on a crucial deal just because there is no proper sales visibility? Are there any deals stuck in the sales pipe and you are not sure about the cause? Your sales pipe needs to be healthy in order to keep the flow streamline and hurdle-less. But with the classic systems, keeping tabs on deals in sales pipe is not so easy as pie. Moreover, there are several developmental stages of a deal that are needed to be observed. To ensure the perfect vision over the sales pipe and the health of it, Vtiger has developed and released several tools, all of their own kind, latest of those was Smart Reminders. Now, Vtiger 7 is pleased to be on the spot to announce yet another gizmo which doesn’t only offer X-ray vision of the sales pipeline, but also keep the sales reps updated and allow them to

VTiger “Forecast” Encloses All The Features A Company May Need To Manage Opportunities

May 12, 2016
Business development is a tricky trade, and it just does not only include grabbing new opportunities but also the smooth ongoing of a project till closure. How to execute the phenomenon as professionally as possible is yet another liability. Vtiger 7 approaches you with an exceptional hallmark, Forecast, which is extremely beneficial in predicting and planning the sales cycle from Pipeline to Closure. It predicts project fluctuations and relevant hazards and potential risks beforehand, saving a great deal of time, cost, and resources for the organization. Also, an organization’s past and current opportunities can also be managed with Forecast. All you need to know about Forecast extension and where you can get it: vTiger Sale/Opportunity Forecasts Note! This module is available only in Sales Professional and Ultimate edition. What does Forecast Do? Forecast predicts the prospects on the basis of the opportunities in hand of a Forecast Manager (A Sales Manager with a team

Make Your Clicks Worthwhile By Assigning “Tags” To Vtiger 7 Records

May 11, 2016
You need to close a deal with a client but collecting data from the previous records is taking a lot of time; so the process is slower for your liking. Now, with Vtiger 7, managing such tasks is faster and because you can Tag important records in a more customized way. Thus, obtaining required information and keeping track of leads is easier. What are those ‘Tags’ Tags are labels consisting of a single word, a sentence or multiple words. They are given to records to differentiate them for future references, for example, ‘IT Gala 2016’ or ‘Sales event 2015 Leads’. Then that tag can be searched to access the linked data in Vtiger 7 without any hassle. Moreover, multiple tags can be associated with a record. How to use a Tag 2 kinds of tags are available in Vtiger 7; Private Tags and Public Tags. Private Tags: These are seen

Custom Field Mapping of Lead And Opportunity Modules Makes Data Input Flawless In VTiger

May 9, 2016
The seem-to-be-simple front end activity of custom field’s data conversion of important modules like Lead and Opportunity does have some backend mapping going on. While the data of default fields of Vtiger 7’s modules is received in the relevant sections, the CRM comes with the flexibility to customize the mapping of the custom fields in Lead and Opportunity modules. Lead Conversion Data Mapping Once a Lead is qualified and converted, the data obtained in a custom field in the records can be automatically transferred to Contact, Organization, and Opportunity databases. This foolproof system of Vtiger 7 smoothly operates data management, and avoids any potential loss. Note! Modification or mapping is only allowed for custom fields. You have to: Map the custom fields manually. You don’t have to: Map the standard fields. You can: Map the Lead’s custom fields to Contacts, Organizations, and Opportunities. You can’t: Map the auto-generated fields like “Time

Abate The Tax & Charge Associated Setbacks Around The Globe With VTiger

May 8, 2016
A business of any rank needs to deal with tax, a fee charged (levied) by a government on a product, income, or activity. That fee is to be calculated, charged, and received from customers. It is a complex task that requires time and resources of a company. The calculations cannot be completely avoided of course, but the system can be handled quite professionally with Vtiger 7’s Tax Management System. With this hallmark, you can cope with local and international tax rates and problems pretty efficiently. Note! Tax Management System is available in only in Sales Professional Edition and Ultimate Edition. Tax Calculation All of the complicated computations regarding tax can be systemized in Vtiger 7. When the calculations are configured, those will be accessible to utilize in Quotes, Sales, Orders, Invoices, and Purchase Orders. Taxes defined in Tax Calculations are global, and not limited to products. Here is how you can set up taxes in Vtiger 7: Click on

Put Vtiger 7 Into Service To Configure Business Hours For Multiple Time Zones

May 5, 2016
Are you operating a company in multiple countries? Administering business worldwide is tricky and holds hundreds of complications from currency to market trends. While handling the manoeuvre, depending on a huge team for little tasks shall slow you down. Time zone is another complication on the list, for which Vtiger 7 has the perfect solution. Setup Business Hours and holidays for the support department of your company, not worrying about the multiple time zones at the same time. Configure Business Hours The duration of availability of your support team for the customer care will be marked as Business hours. It will be in reference to the time zones of the customers’ location. Setting up Business Hours in Vtiger 7 is quite simple: Start by hovering your mouse over the Menu icon and pressing the Settings button In Settings, click Business Hoursunder Support menu Then click Add Business Hourbutton In the Configuring Business Hour

Perform Promising Actions On Dropdown Field Menus Wielding VTiger Picklist Editor

May 2, 2016
Picklist Field Values are found all over the CRM in modules. Say it is Lead, Opportunity, Contact, or wherever a drop-down is. As important as the Picklist Field Values are, as dozens of other features of Vtiger 7, Picklist Field Values are customizable. From adding a new Picklist field to rearranging and deleting a field value, Picklist editor provides countless options. It is worth mentioning that picklist field values are not same for all the roles and differ according to the permission that his/her role has. You can read about Roles in details in this document. Insert New Picklist Field Values to Lists With Vtiger 7, Picklist field values can be added to existing ones in the lists. The whole purpose is to enhance the versatility of the CRM. After the custom picklist value(s) is created, they will be available for selection in respective module. This is the text book

Polish The Management System With VTiger Configuration Editor

May 1, 2016
In the modern times of competition and technology, corporate sector is evolving faster than ever and it is essential for every company to deploy efficient customer care as well as Business Management System. For this purpose hiring highly trained and dedicated personnel is indispensable to cater the needs of clients. Now, the clients might get confused if they are responded to by a new person every time they contact technical support. Furthermore, there are several vital configurations required to be set. Vtiger 7 provides one solution to all of these problems in the form of Configuration Editor. With Configuration Editor, a number of basic customizations can be applied. You can specify maximum** file upload size, default module, the maximum text length** and a maximum number of records that can be displayed in the list view of any module. Moreover, you can set up your Helpdesk name and email to send