vTiger Reports & Dashboards

In order to optimize your customer relationships, you need to be able to analyze data and create comprehensive and readable vTiger Reports. One of the many helpful features included with vTiger CRM is the reporting module. With vTiger, you have the ability to generate customized and powerful reports that can help your company better understand the data you have collected.

vTiger comes equipped with the ability to create standard reports. These reports can pull specific data from your system and generate charts, graphs, tables, and more. In order to get the most out of your reports, you will need to customize the look and settings to meet your needs.

When you create custom vTiger reports, you have the power to choose exactly what data is displayed. This will allow you to pull together the most important and most relevant data for your business and sales process. In addition to choosing the data you want displayed, you can also choose how the data is sorted.

There are many features that can be included in vTiger reports. We will help you build the most meaningful reports for your business. Reporting features include:

  • Grouping
  • Calculations
  • Filtering by conditions
  • And much more

Once you’ve determined what you want in your reports and how you want them to look, you can begin exporting or scheduling them. vTiger gives you full control over when reports are sent and where they go.

vTiger also has the capability to create many different types of advanced reports. Pivot reports are one of the most powerful options available. With a pivot report, you have more control over the data that’s presented. Pivot reports give you the ability to drill down, drag and drop, add/remove data, and change conditions.

Setting up your vTiger dashboard to display the reports and data that are most important to your business is another important task for your CRM. We can help you create a custom dashboard that will give you instant and easy access to all the data that matters to your company.

With vTiger reports, you can give your company more insight into your sales process. By sharing top-of-the-line reports with your sales team, you’ll be able to improve your sales cycle. When you want to get the best reports possible, you need a vTiger expert on your side. Contact us today to create reports that will take your business to the next level.

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