vTiger Permissions Roles, Groups, Profiles & Sharing Access

When it comes to customer relationship management, no platform allows you to do more than vTiger. Of course, you don’t want everyone who has access to your company’s vTiger system to be able to do everything. When configuring vTiger for your business, it’s essential to set up the right permissions in order to make sure your data management and analysis will be in the hands of the right people. Our vTiger Experts will help your company set up the vTiger permissions that make sense for your business model.

vTiger CRM gives your company the ability to create a wide range of permissions for your employees and customers. This gives you full control over what your users are allowed to do with your data. By setting up the correct permissions, you can protect your data and make sure that only the right people are accessing certain files or making changes. If you don’t set up these permissions correctly, you might end up losing your data or letting it fall into the wrong hands.

When setting up vTiger permissions, you choose exactly who can do what with your files and data. You can create both public and private permissions in order to make sure all of your data is only seen by the people who need to see it. With vTiger, you can also set certain files as:

  • Read Only
  • Read and Write
  • Read, Write, and Delete

Making a file read-only doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will be able to read it. You can also choose which of your users are able to see, read, write, or delete files or data. For example, with private read-only files, users would only be able to read their own records and records of their subordinates.

With vTiger, you can set up a variety of user groups, roles, and profiles. Groups allow you to easily assign permissions across an entire portion of your users. For example, you may choose to give your entire sales team certain permissions that other user groups don’t have. Setting up custom user groups and profiles allows you to maintain more control over your business and your data.

Your customer data is incredibly important to your business and your future success. By properly setting up permissions, you can be sure you have complete control over what happens to your data. Contact us today to make sure your vTiger permissions are configured correctly for your business.

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