vTiger Custom Modules

vTiger CRM is business software at its absolute finest.  It is perfect for most businesses and organizations and for the majority of everyday business applications, this software is ready to use right out of the packaging.  You just install it on your computer and start reaping the benefits immediately.

Our elite team of expert designers have worked hard to ensure this works great for many, but in this crazy, 21st century business environment, everyone understands that no two organizations have exactly the same needs.  As a result, software that comes straight out of the box, while great for some, can’t possibly suit every company’s needs.  This is where the vTiger Custom Module Development team can help.  Crafting individual utility is their specialty and no one does it better.

It is commonplace for business people to do seemingly endless research on various systems and leave no stone unturned trying out a wide variety of software solutions.  But many of these same people have found that all of these products, while showcasing many features & benefits, cannot handle the intricacies and nuances that their organization requires.

With vTiger Custom Modules, their search has ended.

Our elite team of vTiger CRM Consultants can aid any business in determining what functionality is lacking in out-of-the-box vTiger CRM.  They will then partner with the vTiger Developers team to construct the perfect solution for your business’s needs.  Having a true understanding our clients’ wants and needs and their business model is what separates us from everyone else.  We build custom solutions that are created to your unique needs.

We build to suit.

Some of the common requests for the vTiger Custom Development team are as follows:

  • vTiger Custom Module Development 
  • Updating or amplifying current vTiger functionality
  • Integrating 3rd party applications like UPSFacebook or other Social Networks with vTiger
  • Creating custom reports and dashboards for vTiger
  • Customizing layouts, permissions and objects for vTiger 

A business like yours is unlike anyone else’s.  For you to maximize efficiency along with the functionality you need to have software unlike anyone else’s.  In order to attain this, it might be necessary to make an investment in a custom vTiger solution.  Streamlining is important to your business’s survival.  vTiger Custom Module solutions can help.

Your bottom line deserves it.


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