Optimize Vtiger scheduling with VTExpert’s tools

June 1, 2023
Maintaining an organized schedule and appointments is crucial for running a business smoothly. One effective way of doing this is by using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as Vtiger. However, to get the most out of Vtiger’s scheduling features, sometimes additional scheduling tools may be necessary. VTExperts developed various extensions that extend or enhance Vtiger’s calendar features. In this article, we will look at how can you optimize Vtiger scheduling with VTExpert’s tools Vtiger Calendar Vtiger offers several calendar and scheduling features that help businesses manage their time efficiently and optimize their operations. Here are some of the crucial calendar and scheduling features offered by Vtiger Shared Calendar: Vtiger provides a shared calendar, which can be accessed by multiple users in an organization. This feature can help businesses avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Recurring events: Vtiger calendar also allows users to create

Enhance Vtiger’s productivity with VTExperts

April 17, 2023
Productivity is an important aspect of any organization or individual. It allows measuring the work efficiency within a designated timeframe to achieve the maximum possible output. In this article, we will check how can you enhance Vtiger productivity with VTExperts. We live in an era where digital productivity is a booming concept. Let’s get ourselves familiarized with digital productivity tools first. Digital Productivity tools Digital productivity refers to the deployment of digital tools and technologies to improve a team’s efficiency and efficacy in fulfilling tasks and achieving goals. This involves leveraging technology to streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, facilitate remote collaboration, and access information and resources more efficiently. By realizing the potential of digital tools, individuals and organizations can optimize processes, minimize resource utilization, and achieve their goals with increased productivity. Moreover, digital productivity tools are cost-effective and easy to use. You can also check Productivityist, if you want to

Calculate Profit In VTiger

January 21, 2019
calculate gross profit in vtiger
In standard VTiger 7 and VTiger 6, there are no tools to calculate profits on individual Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders. Calculating a profit can be as simple as deducting cost from total of each product as well as whole invoice or may go complex if added taxes, adjustments, shipments, additional services etc. Anyways, this is a big issue for every level organization.   Using Item Details Customizer Advanced for VTiger 7, or Profit Calculator for VTiger 6, you can calculate profits per sale, product, day, and more. This is done by utilizing the “Cost” field on products and services in VTiger. You can adjust costs, apply discounts, and calculate potential profit. The profit is stored in VTiger field and therefore reportable. Calculate Profit Let’s see how can we configure Profit Calculation in VTiger 7 using Item Details Customizer Advanced. Open Menu > Settings > CRM Settings >

Remove Quick Create For Individual Standard & Custom Modules In VTiger

January 16, 2019
remove quick create for standard and custom modules
Currently, in VTiger, when you open any module and try to add a related module, it opens a quick create popup, instead of going to the full form. Some of the companies/users do not prefer that outcome and want to move to full form straight. We’ve been asked this question several times and therefore tried to give a quick solution as follow:   Question: How to remove Quick Create feature for any module? The aim is to remove a specific module from the Quick Create list as well as when adding as a new related record to another module. Answer:  Go to add this: modules/YOUR_MODULE/models/Module.php   Question: How to remove Quick Create feature for a CUSTOM module? The aim is to remove a specific custom module from the Quick Create list as well as when adding as a new related record to another module. Answer: Add following function to your custom_module/Models/Module.php Questions?

Recently Modified & Recently Viewed Widget For VTiger 7 (like VTiger 6)

January 15, 2019
recently viewed recently modified in vtiger 7
In VTiger 6, there was this useful widget to see recently modified records in VTiger. It appeared once you open a module > record. The list was capable to display 10 recent most edited records max. That means, if you modified a record, moved several records ahead and suddenly realized you needed to update another thing in the first record – you can easily get to it from that widget. This widget was useful, but cut off in the VTiger 7 upgrade. Moreover, there was no alternate provided. That’s why we built this customization that does exactly the same and more. We created two widgets as VTiger 6’s functionality: Recently Modified: This widget shows the recently modified records from the same module. Recently Viewed: This widget displays the recently viewed records. This is a bit more complicated to implement and new feature. VTiger 6 only had the option to view

Fair Use Policy

July 23, 2018
Introduction VTExperts’ services are based on following: Extension Pack – Subscription based licenses Support for VTiger – hour based Support for VTiger – plan based Support for VTiger – incident based Extension Licenses – perpetual VTiger Hosting VTExperts Extension Pack Extension Pack For VTiger offers extensions based on monthly/half yearly/yearly subscription basis. As per the policy, the payments are received prior to the usage period. If payments are pending, notifications are sent before temporarily stopping the services. VTExperts do not take the responsibility of the damage caused by the stoppage of the services. The services are resumed within 24 working hours after the dues are cleared and notification received from the service receiving entity. The subscriptions are auto-renewed at the end of every month/half year/year (whichever is applicable). It is not allowed under our current policy to keep the subscriptions unpaid for long duration again and again. VTExperts has complete

VTExperts Comply With GDPR Regulations Update 2018

May 11, 2018
This article explains the compliance of VTExperts Inc. with GDPR’s regulations until 2018. VTExperts has always been up to date when it comes to security standards and safety measurements. We’ve already been following the best practices in regards to collecting, processing, and managing our Clients’ data. So we took this opportunity to clarify how do we go about the data we have and how much is it that we collect. As we deal in VTiger CRM versions VTiger 7 and VTiger 6, GDPR affects greatly all of the CRMs just as VTiger CRM. For legal documentation, please see our GDPR compliance statement.   What Data Do We Collect? It is often considered that our extensions collect huge amount of data as they require constant connectivity to Internet. Here’s the correction. We DO NOT collect any of the data through our extensions. Our extensions need connectivity to our license server to

GDPR Compliance

May 11, 2018
VTExperts Inc. & GDPR Regulations Update 2018 This document explains the compliance of VTExperts Inc. with GDPR’s regulations until 2018. In this statement, its explained how do we collect, process, and manage our Clients’ data, as well as what data is collected. The data privacy, consent, and withdrawal is also discussed.   Collection of Data Via Extensions We state in full responsibility that there is NO data collected via extensions. We only require connectivity between your server and our license panel for the purpose of license validation. If you setup a firewall and configure port 80 to ping, that will ensure no data movement as well as smooth working of extensions. Via Webforms and Emails We do collect some data that is not sensitive at all: Form Submission: There are 4 forms: i) Contact Form at support page – does not collect any data and only used to allow

Timeline Extension Is Now Available For VTiger 6

January 10, 2018
The Complete Record Timeline/Summary (Communication + Updates) extension, shortly known as Timeline is now available for all version of VTiger 6. Previously it only supported VTiger 7 and above.   The extension is extremely beneficial to quickly see any communication (emails, calls, comments) as well as record updates. It rolls up the information from 3 relationship level deeps, meaning if you are viewing organization timeline, you will see any information related to organization (emails, updates, comments) as well as any information related to organizations’ tickets/opportunities (or any other modules), meaning that you would see any comments added to the ticket/organization while looking at the organization timeline.   More information about the extension can be found on the product page here. Extension’s helpdesk Link. If you need further assistance, send us an email to help@vtexperts.com or call +1 (818) 495-5557.