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Search Popup Filter For VTiger – New Release

November 27, 2018
There’s no doubt about searching related records in VTiger via popup search is not as they are supposed to be. Once you try to create a new record, and select one related record, going through a list of even more related records for a secondary module does not make any sense. To cope with the problem, we came up with this idea to add Search Popup Filters, and we did. Search Popup Filter extension for VTiger 7 allows to apply filters (or condition) that will strain the results the user will get when selecting any record from a lookup/select/search popup in VTiger. For example, if you are creating a new ticket – you select an organization and then search for the contact to be associated with the ticket, by default – you will see all contacts in the system. However with this extension, you can configure contact lookup popup to only