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Easy Item Lookup Extension For VTiger 7 – New Release

November 1, 2018
The standard product selection process of VTiger 7 is not very user friendly, when adding products to Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders. There’s no easy way of filtering the Products, Services, and Product Bundles in any way except for searching for them manually. It does not allow to find a product visually with the image. The in-active products cannot be accessed or filtered. Once a product is added and users go back to re add some more products, there’s no way to see which products have already been added to the list except for closing the item selection popup and remembering the list manually.   We can go on about the limitations of standard product selection. Or we have a better thing to write about.   A new extension for VTiger has been introduced that addresses all the above mentioned limitations as well as do more. Easy Item