vtiger progress bar

Progress Bar – New Extension

November 6, 2018
There’s barely anything this visual, easy, and practical in VTiger summary and detail views, as Progress Bar. It is designed to add more visibility and allow instant updates for the configured “progress” (stage/status) field.   Progress bar for VTiger 7 is displayed in the header of each record. The bar displays all values from a selected picklist as well as the current value for specific record. The values/stages are also clickable – where clicking a stage/status changes the picklist value – just like that. The record gets updated when user clicks on progress bar value.   Progress Bar for VTiger 7 can be configured on any module (as long as it has picklist field). The simplistic design allows users to easily see the stage the record is in and update with a single click.   Adding a Progress Bar to any module is pretty easy. You can simply go to