vTiger Custom Development

How to Change Default “Select Popup” Columns in vTiger?

August 30, 2013
Out of the box vTiger does not allow users to configure the “Select Popup” columns using the interface.  The work around requires some knowledge of vTiger database structure and basic php skill. The “Select Popup” is a popup which shows up when you click “Select Products” or “Select Services” or when you click on any “Select” button on the system. Note, once you change the columns for one module – the same columns will be displayed system wide. For example, if you change “Product” columns – every time you “Select Product” – customized columns will show up. The procedure below describes how to add “Product Category” to the “Select Popup” in vTiger. Go to “/vtigercrm/modules/Products“ Open “Products.php” with your favorite text editor Find the function “$list_fields” and add the desired field label, table and field name. Again, this requires some knowledge of database and php, but you should be able