vTiger CRM Listview Order

How to Change Default Trouble Ticket Order In Listview?

August 30, 2013
Out of the box vTiger does not have a Graphical user interface to control the default sort order for listviews. Each business is different and everyone has their own needs. In order to change the default sorting order on Trouble Tickets listview – you will have to modify few files. First, we need to set the default sorting field and order. Go to /vtigercrm/modules/HelpDesk/ Open file “HelpDesk.php” Find a line which has “var $default_order_by” and change the value to preferred sort field. Note, it should be field name and not the field label. The line below will be “var $default_sort_order” – By default it’s set to DESC (descending order), it can be changed to ASC (ascending order) if needed. Once changes are made, save the file. Second, we need to enable the default sort order. Go to /vtigercrm/ Open file “config.performance.php” Find line which as “‘LISTVIEW_DEFAULT_SORTING‘” and change it to