vTiger CRM Filters

How to Change Listview Columns for any Module in vTiger?

August 30, 2013
By Default vTiger has a filter “All” which contains the commonly used fields, however sometimes those fields are not enough and it would be nice to include other fields into “All” filter. Unfortunately, you can not edit “All” filter using the user interface, however there’s a work around. In order to specify the columns we always want to see, we will have to create a custom filter and set it as public & default. I will explain how to do that for Contact module – you can follow the same procedure for any standard or custom vTiger module. Go to Contact List Click “Create Filter” Enter “View Name” which is a filter name Check “Set as Default” – when checked – it will always open this filter as default Check “Set as Public” – filter will be public and other user will be able to use it as well Choose