VTiger 6.5

VTiger 7 Alpha Released. New Layout, Functionality & More!

December 8, 2016
VTiger 7 Alpha is now available!     VTiger has just pushed the code for VTiger 7 open source to their git repository. From what we know, this development is in early stage and should NOT be used for production. This is a developers release and has not yet been published on vtiger.com.   To download and install VTiger 7 open source – you will need to be familiar with cpanel/ssh. The files are available below: GIT Repo for VTiger 7: http://code.vtiger.com/vtiger/vtigercrm/tree/7.0.0 Download the zip, extract and install it on your server. Please note, this is NOT production version.     VTiger 7 Highlights We don’t have  an official feature list, but from what we’ve seen it’s going to be similar to the below: PHP 7 compatibility New and improved Layout (Responsive?) Redesigned Field Editor Round Robin More intuitive workflow interface Colored picklist values Redesigned & configurable Menu Editor Opportunity to Project

How To Upgrade VTiger From Version 6.4 To 6.5

October 14, 2016
The dynamics of current business practices are changing at a rapid speed and due to these frequent variations in processes and procedures, the need of new and improved features is escalating. VTiger in the regard of upgradations is doing an exceptional job. VTiger philosophies regarding bringing an update are solely based on providing more assistance to the customer. This guide is tended for users who want to upgrade their VTiger CRM from version 6.4 to 6.5. Users looking for upgrades of previous versions can visit this link. While performing an update on the VTiger CRM, we recommend to seek assistance of an expert. We, at VTiger Experts, provide solutions to every problem related to VTiger CRM including upgrades and we feel proud to deliver our services. But, if you want to do it alone, this guide is for you. Note: This guide is specific for Upgrading VTiger 6.4 to VTiger 6.5. 1.

VTiger 6.5 GA Released with 40+ Issues & 45+ Merge Requests Included!

July 5, 2016
VTiger 6.5 GA Is now Available!   VTiger is happy to announce GA release of Vtiger CRM 6.5.0. In this version, there were 40+ issues & bugs fixed as well as 45+ merge requests accommodated. Most of the changes were to make VTiger more stable, secure & bug free. The credit goes to the community who contributed to the release the most.   VTiger 6.5 Release Highlights (Major) Customer Portal password encryption PHP 7 compatibility MySQL (STRICT_TRANS_TABLE) compatibility (default in 5.6.x) URLs in workflow emails are now clickable ($(general : (VtigerMeta) crmdetailviewurl)) Report Date formats (mm-dd-yyyy and yyyy-mm-dd) User Preferences (Only authorized user can change other preferences) Default Grouping Separator (causing currency fields to save with extra 00s.) Emails (minor fixes in formatting and emailing) Lead Convert Custom Action (Execute custom functions when lead is being converted) Improved Logging Minor Layout Improvements (cache, icons, header support) Default sorting order on