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Create Copies/Revisions Of Quotes, Invoices And Other Records In VTiger 7

January 31, 2019
We often find ourselves versus this requirement by our customers; “Is it possible to make several copies of an invoice?”. And we got tired of answering “No” and came up with a solution. Revisions/Copies of VTiger Records VTExperts’ development team created this customization for VTiger 7 and VTiger 6, that allows to create revisions of any record WITHOUT disturbing the actual record numbering. Most of our customers asked for revising Quotes and Invoices – so we will make those the focused modules for the writing sake. What Does it Do? With this customization implemented, VTiger users can create as many copies of any standard or custom module’s records as needed. For example, if you clone/duplicate an invoice or a quote, it will only create a revision and not disturb the ongoing numbering for quotes, invoices etc. How Does it Do? Here’s how we designed it. Note that this is not