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Round Robin Assignment Extension For VTiger by VTExperts – New Release

January 10, 2019
vtexperts round robin extension for vtiger
There are two ways in VTiger to assign users to Tickets, Leads, Opportunities etc. One would be to assign a user manually to a record. The other is to automated the assigning of records on the basis of conditions configured in the settings area. The second method is possible using our new extension Round Robin Assignment for VTiger. Round Robin Assignment The VTExperts Round Robin Extension automatically assign users to tickets, leads (or any other module). Round Robin Policy configuration consists of a trigger field e.g. “Ticket Status”, value (Unassigned Value) that will identify any unassigned tickets e.g Status is “NEW” and value (Assigned Value) that will be used to update ticket when it’s assigned e.g Status is “Open”. You can set the automation to run for only online users or do not distinguish at all. The configuration panel lets you setup the conditions. You can select module, status field