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Benefits of VTExperts Time Tracker

May 21, 2021
While organizing projects one of the major problem that managers face is keeping the track of time. A project consist of several tasks and every task takes different amount of time to be completed. Their is a possibility that on each tasks multiple staff member are working and the time they put on doing that task is also different. Filling so many timesheets manually not only takes a lot of time but is a task full of hassle.. Recording such an extensive time log is a task in itself. Vtiger CRM provided the feature of time tracker, which does the job quite well. But, if you need something more then take a look at long list of benefits of VTExperts Time Tracker extension. This new and improved time tracking feature of  VTiger allows to automatically log the time each employee spent on a task.     In VTiger tasks are

Bill For Time Spent Via Time Tracker In VTiger 7

June 27, 2018
Time Tracker for VTiger Extension is designed to quickly & easily track the time spent while working on a task. It’s unique design allows to show and hide the timer within a single click without leaving the page. It integrates with Accounting/Invoicing and allows rates to be specified for each type of “time tracking activity” as well as custom rates per client. It is compatible with Contacts, Organizations, Leads, Tickets, Projects & Opportunities.     How to Bill for Time Spent   Go to the Invoice’s and create a new Invoice. After adding a Contact/Organization scroll down and click on the “Review Time Logs” button to bill for the time spent. These are all the time logs that we have not billed the customer for. Here you can also see all the detail (Type, Assigned to, Duration). Check box the time log and click on the “Add To Invoice” button. Here you can see the time logs has been added to the

3 VTiger Extensions To Track Time & Stay On Top Of Support Tickets

August 2, 2016
As the competition grows, companies deploy more and more advanced tools and techniques to avoid time consuming tasks or get them done rather quickly. As VTExperts always brings on some outstanding customizations for your VTiger CRM, we also thought it would make it more convenient for you if we categorize some really valuable extensions. So we collected a series of 3 VTiger extensions that you can employ to save time and make things easier for support team.   VTiger Time Tracker – User Time Management VTiger Time Tracker Extension sounds like mere a time tracking customization. Yes, it allows users to keep track of time while working on important or otherwise assignments – but it does a lot more. It can run more than one timer, with the option to toggle between different running timers. Plus, it supports custom fields, comments, and manual time tracking. And it doesn’t have to stay on top;