Advantages Of VTiger & Thunderbird Integration

December 20, 2016
Emails are an important part of business operations and no one can question their significance. They are equally famous among individuals and businesses. Personally, we use emails for communicating with others. With the passage of time significant evolution can be seen in emails. Like when it started, you could only send a written message using email. Now email is equipped with features like CC, attachment and filtering etc. Due to such development in emails. Same is the case with the purpose of emails, initially the only reason of sending emails was to communicate with individuals, but now firms are using it as one of the most effective marketing tools. Following are some facts related to email to make you aware of its significance: There are 4.6 billion email accounts created worldwide Daily 212 billion emails are sent and received related to business purposes Business-related emails sent and received by a

Email Data Syncing Extensions For VTiger

December 14, 2016
Communication is the soul of the current business environment, firms which excel in communication can interact with stakeholders more efficiently, thus they enjoy greater profits as compared to the firms whose communication process is ineffective. With the passage of time companies are introduced to more and more new tools which assist in making the process of communication effective. The list of such tools contains chatrooms, instant messages, discussion forums, blogs, video conferencing etc. But, the tool which has a most impact both in terms of professions purposes and personal purposes is electronic mail. Due to its adaptability to the situations emails are equally famous among business organizations and individuals. When we look at the business culture emails are used by the executives like CEO of the company to the clerical staff also make use of them for communication purposes. No matter a staff member is working for the organization from

Explore The New Opportunities With Vtiger Extension For Thunderbird

June 23, 2016
If you and your organization use one of the best email manager Mozilla’s Thunderbird, there is a great deal of options in Vtiger 7 for you. Vtiger 7 Thunderbird extension allows attaching emails to leads & contacts, import/export contacts and create records in Vtiger CRM from thunderbird. Limelight Features The information between Vtiger CRM and Thunderbird can be easily harmonized with Thunderbird extension of Vtiger. With this extension, you can: Attach Emails Create new contacts Create new leads Import/Export contacts Add new contacts or leads from thunderbird address book to Vtiger database And lot more. And all of these features can be availed without even the necessity to log in to your Vtiger 7 account. Learn more: Our new extension Corrensa is available with same features for Gmail, Outlook, and Office365. Thunderbird Extension’s Services The extension is designed for high tech business email administration and its features are not limited