“Tags” In VTiger

January 17, 2017
Data plays an integral role in the success of business firms, organizations with low-end data often face serious problems in progression and sometimes are outperformed by the firms which do not possess half of the resources in comparison to them. We are producing data more than ever and even the small scales business firms also take data collection into account and analyze it with state of the art techniques to gain quality results out of it. Data is equally important for improving external operations and internal performance of the organization, but with the changing business culture, the pace of data collection and data processing is also increasing. Now a day’s most of the firm’s decisions are backed by proper data analysis. According to a research each manager spends more than two hours daily in obtaining new data and then spend further time to refine it and collect meaningful information out

Make Your Clicks Worthwhile By Assigning “Tags” To Vtiger 7 Records

May 11, 2016
You need to close a deal with a client but collecting data from the previous records is taking a lot of time; so the process is slower for your liking. Now, with Vtiger 7, managing such tasks is faster and because you can Tag important records in a more customized way. Thus, obtaining required information and keeping track of leads is easier. What are those ‘Tags’ Tags are labels consisting of a single word, a sentence or multiple words. They are given to records to differentiate them for future references, for example, ‘IT Gala 2016’ or ‘Sales event 2015 Leads’. Then that tag can be searched to access the linked data in Vtiger 7 without any hassle. Moreover, multiple tags can be associated with a record. How to use a Tag 2 kinds of tags are available in Vtiger 7; Private Tags and Public Tags. Private Tags: These are seen